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Small Linear Actuators | SLA-MV30-ES MV30 Proportional 24Vac Actuator, 300N, Short Stroke

MV30 Proportional 24Vac Actuator, 300N, Short Stroke

Datasheet (371kB)

MV30 actuators can be used with valves to control hot /cool water flow rate in two/four pipes terminal units, small heating and cooling plants, zone control systems and solar plants, and in small reheating and de-humidifcation coils.

The actuators have 300N force, and are available as proportional control (0..10V/4..20mA), 3-Point 24Vac and 3-Point 230Vac models. The short stroke versions are used typically with PICVs (pressure independent control valves).


  • 300N Force
  • Manual Override
  • Proportional Control Version provides 0..10Vdc and 4..20mA Control Options
  • 9/16mm Max Stroke Options
  • 24V 3-Point Control or 230V 3-Point Control Options
  • Robust and quality design
  • Universal M30 Threaded Connection


  • Small Heating and Cooling Plants
  • Air handling units
  • Zone and Terminal Unit Control
  • PICV (pressure independent) Control

Valve Compatibility Table:-

The table illustrates the SLA-MV30 actuator range valve compatibility options.


MV30-230, MV30-24, MV30-E

VMB3_T..8_T 3-Port Control Valves; DN20-DN50
MV30-230S, MV30-24S, MV30-ES DN20-DN50 2TGBA..B 2-Port Control Balanced Plug Valves
DN20-DN50 VSB3T..8T 2-Port Control Valves
VMB3T..8T 3-Port Control Valves; DN20-DN40
VSXT 2-Port FCU Valves DN15-DN20
VMXT 3-Port FCU Valves DN15-DN20
VTXT 4-Port FCU Valves DN15-DN20
VSXT..PB PICV Valves DN15 - DN25

Technical Details:-

Power Supply: 24Vac, 50/60Hz
Control Signal: 0..10Vdc, 2..10Vdc, 0..5Vdc, 6..10Vdc, 4..20mA
Max Stroke: MV30-E: 16mm / MV30-ES: 9mm
Running Speed: 11.5s/mm at 50Hz
Force: 300N
Connection Cable: 5-Wire 1.5m
Feedback Signal: 2..10V
Ambient Temp: -5°C to +55°C
Weight:: 0.25kg