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Heating Compensators | EH-800 Weather Compensator, Web-Interface and Actuator

A new, intelligent heating controller for your home

Your level of comfort increases when room temperatures stay at an even level even though outdoor temperatures change. You conserve energy when water entering the heating network is just the right temperature to maintain an optimal room temperature.   The smart controller now takes even better account of differences in heating modes and structures.

EH800 Weather Compensator


  • Saves energy
  • Guarantees an even room temperature
  • Suitable for central water heating systems
  • Many types of measurements and alarm functions
  • Web-Browser Interface over Internet (EHU-800 models)
  • GSM remote use

Easily and quickly installed
EH-800 is compatible with the most commonly used boiler and accumulator valves. Installation sets for Belimon district heat  valves and Esben VRG valves can be obtained as optional equipment. You can install it yourself without any special tools. 

EH800 Weather Compensator sensor InstallationEH800

Easy to take into use
EH-800 contains preset basic settings for different types of heating. The first time you turn on the controller just select from the display the control mode of your house and it is ready to use.

The controller has settings for the following heating modes:
Floor heating
- normal rooms
- damp rooms (also summertime heating)
Radiator heating
normal curve
steeper curve (homes that need warmer water in the heating network)
Concrete floor drying function during construction (controlled increase in temperature)
Constant temperature (e.g., accumulator start-up/ charging or boiler circulating temperature control)

Application Example 1:-

EH-800 automatically controls the temperature of the water entering the heating network. The heating need changes   according to the outdoor temperature.

EH Application Example.

Application Example 2:-

As the outdoor temperature gets colder, the controller lets just enough heat into the network to keep the room temperature at an even level.

EH800 Application Example.

The preset settings are based on the extensive field experience. The settings are adjustable by the user.

A large and clear display
The easy-to-use display is large and distinct and all necessary information can be seen at a glance. Recent measurement history can also be seen as a graphic display; in the morning you can check how a temperature drop occurred or how cold it got outdoors during the night.

Diverse time programs
Use the controller’s week/24 hour clock to program energy conserving temperature drops coinciding with your own weekly rhythm.
Use the exception calendar to program temperature drops ahead of time for holidays or other exceptional days.

Dynamic curve
The ratio between the outdoor temperature and the temperature of the water entering the heating system is determined and displayed using the curve. When the outdoor temperature drops, warmer water is let into the heating system and the opposite happens when the outdoor temperature rises. After adjusting settings on the curve, the change immediately appears on the curve on the controller’s display.

The controller automatically corrects the curve if the user sets an unusual curve. It is also possible to select a 5 point curve that is freely adjustable.

Central water heating houses
EH-800 is suitable for every house with central water heating whatever the source of heat; oil, the sun, wood, pellets, district heat, electricity or thermal heat.

Ingeniously simple
The too warm/cold function is a truly simple way to finely adjust heating. Turn the control knob in the desired direction to either increase or decrease heat. The controller makes the necessary setting changes taking into account the room sensor if it is connected. 

Room thermostats function correctly
Room thermostats for floor heating or radiators can only function correctly if the basic controls are accurate. Ouman EH-800 does this automatically.

Optional equipment

EH800 has a new type of room compensation function, that gives a more even temperature with changing weather conditions. Room compensation ingeniously takes into account both the cooling effect of wind and the warming effect of external factors such as the sun or fireplaces. Especially in floor heating houses, this new control mode has proved to be unbeatable.

GSMMOD5 -modem
With the help of the modem your mobile phone can receive alarm information about deviating situations.

You can be away from home for longer lengths of time without having to worry. You can receive an alarm as a text message if a fault occurs in heating output.

You can also read measurements and make changes in settings and time programs.

In addition to time programs the controller follows home/away commands which you can also give from your mobile phone. Just send the controller the text message home, and the temperature in your home will rise to the normal level. Nice and convenient!

Add measurements and alarms!
Use connecting cable to take two measurement or alarms into use. (measurements 3 and 4).

Examples of typical use:

  • room temperat. measurement
  • return water tempperature measurement
  • other temperature measurement (e.g. pellet boiler temperature)
  • home/away switch information
  • alarm contact use (e.g. burner fault, network pressure or pump alarm)
An upper and lower limit alarm can be set for measurements. All measurement and alarm information can also be read from a mobile phone.