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Modulating Modbus Room and FCU Controllers | HLS35 HLS35 Modbus Underfloor and Room Controller

HLS35 Modbus Underfloor and Room Controller

Datasheet (273kB)

HLS35 underfloor heating controller has been designed for modern underfloor applications. Single control output (PWM, 0..10Vdc, 3-point 24Vac or On/Off) can be used for both heating and cooling. In winter the controller controls in heating mode and in summer in cooling mode. The operation mode is changed via digital input or over the Modbus communication network..

The HLS35 controllers have very easy to understand LCD display and unique MagicTouch™ buttons for user settings. HLS35 allows the users to adjust the room setpoint by pressing + and - buttons. Pressing "Man in the House" button the return water temperature setpoint can be adjusted. The return water setpoint automatically adjusts the supply setpoint optimising the room conditions..

The HLS35 controllers support Modbus RTU RS-485 that allows the controllers to be networked to BMS or to WebBiter web-browser interface. Unique compact design and latest technology allows the controllers used effectively in both small and large installations.

HLS35 Underfloor Heating Controller Wiring Diagram

HLS35 Underfloor Heating Controller Operation  
Power Supply: 24Vac/dc < 1VA
Inputs: 1 x Built-in Resistive Inputs (control)
1 x NTC10 Resistive Inputs (return water temperature)
1 x Digital Input (heating/cooling operation)
Outputs: 4 x Digital Outputs; 1A 24Vac Triacs Switching to 0V (3-Point Control Valve, PWM Valve, Plant Enable and On/Off Valve)
1 x Analogue 0..10Vdc Output (Heating/Cooling Control Valve)
Display: LCD Display for Temperature and Configuration
Buttons: 3 Touch Buttons
User Settings: Room Setpoint
Return Water Setpoint
Configuration: Via Display in Configuration Mode or via Service Tool
Communication: Modbus RTU RS485 Communication
Web-Browser Interface Option:: Yes - Using WebBiter
Mounting:: Wall Mounting
Protection Class: IP20
Dimensions: W87 x H86 x D32mm