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EasyIO and Sedona Displays and Tools | SDC-TS7 SDC-TS7 Tablet PC for Control Systems

SDC-TS7 is a 7" colour touchscreen Table PC user interface for Sedona Framework™ Graphics Series controllers (SDC-20G and SDC-32G). The SDC-TS7 panel PC uses built-in web-browser to show the BMS graphics from from the SDC-xG controllers. The display is connected to the controllers via Ethernet network.

The SDC-TS7 has auto-boot on power-up, and uses industrial grade components for a reliable user interface. The SDC-TS7 graphics pages are automatically loaded in the boot-up using Autoweb application. A choice of web-browsers is provided for flexibility.

The animated graphics with the SDC-xG controllers provide a really powerful modern interface to building management systems and allow the building controls engineers and facility management easily interrogate the plant operation. The SDC-TS7 provides advanced visualisation solution

The SDC-TS7 is typically mounted in the panel door and it provides a local user interface to plant rooms.



  • Sedona SDC-20G and SDC-32G graphical animated colour interface
  • 7" Tablet PC with colour touchscreen for panel door mounting
  • SDC-TS7 Supports 10/100 Base-T Ethernet Connection for Controllers
  • Wifi Access Point support for mobile phone access to the Sedona system
  • 9-27VDC power supply
  • Automatic system boot-up to the controller graphics

SDC-TS7 Panel PC Architecture