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BACnet room controllers | SRC-110-BAC BACnet Heating and Cooling Room Controller, DIN-rail

The SRC-110-BAC BACnet series controllers have been designed for zone heating and cooling control and DIN-rail mounting. The controllers have 3 analogue 0..10Vdc outputs and two digital outputs that can be configured for heating and cooling control. The controllers can operate as Proportional Only or as Proportional + Integral Controllers. The controllers have built-in BACnet MS/TP communication for connection to BMS systems.

The controller can have up to 2 heating and cooling stages. The analogue outputs can be individually configured for any of the heating/cooling stages and digital outputs can be configured as 3-point, PWM (thermic) or On/Off control.

The controllers are connected to either TER-NTC10 room temperature sensor or TEKY-NTC10 flying lead sensor for temperature measurement. If room setpoint is required then TER-NTC10-SPR sensor can be used together with the SRC-110-BAC DIN-rail mounted BACnet room controllers.

The controller configuration parameters are adjusted thrrough the SW-DCT-USB tool. Rred and blue LEDs under the cover indicate the controller operation in heating or cooling mode and can be used for servicing the controllers.

The BACnet communication supports automatic device and point discovery making the controller configuration as a part of the BACnet system fast, simple and efficient.

BACnet Room Controller Integration


  • Configurable Room and Zone Controllers
  • Up to 2 Heating and up to 2 Cooling stages
  • BACnet MS/TP Communication
  • Address and Baud Rate Setting via Bit switch or via the Configuration Software
  • 3 Analogue 0..10Vdc Outputs Configurable to Any of the Stages
  • 2 Digital 24Vac Triac Outputs; Configurable for On/Off, PWM (Thermic) and 3-Point Control
  • External NTC10 Temperature Sensor; such as TER-NTC10 or TEKY-NTC10
  • Remote User Setpoint via TER-NTC10-SPR Room Sensor
  • Digital Input for Night Mode or Cooling Disable Override
  • Red and blue LEDs under the cover indicate if the temperature is below or above the setpoint
  • Configuration is done via SW-DCT-USB Windows based configuration tool
  • Plug-In Wiring Terminals
  • 24Vac/dc power supply