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Modbus Touchscreen Room Controllers | SRC-131 Touchscreen Modbus Room Controller

Have you been frustrated in our travels by the many different types of air conditioning controls found in their hotel rooms. Some have simple On/Off switches which did not permit accurate control of the temperature or the fan. Others were a mass of crazy symbols and strange icons flashing on the screen. All we wanted was to set a comfortable room temperature. Analysing the requirements led to the development of a room air conditioning controller that would satisfy hotel guests and hotel management alike.

Air conditioning in the hotel industry places special demands on the controlling equipment. The controller must be robust and capable of controlling a wide variety of air conditioning systems. It must also control energy usage while maintaining the comfort of the guests using the room but most of all it must be intuitive - no strange symbols, no confusing icons, no need to read the printed sheet glued to the wall next to the thermostat before you can become comfortable in your room.

Guests walking into a hotel room must instantly know how to operate the air conditioning and set a comfortable temperature. Not meeting this expectation means your guests will leave unhappy, vowing never to return or at best call for assistance thereby tying up your staff.

The SRC-131 offers a big bright display that provides feedback of the air conditioning status and permits the guest to easily turn the airconditioning on/off and adjust temperature/fan control. If the optional SRC-OC occupancy module is fitted (or occupancy sensor is wired direct to the controller), the SRC-131 will automatically change to a low energy consumption mode when the room is vacant. The optional outside door station module further adds to the capability of the SRC-131 by providing the guest with the ability to call for housekeeping or request that they are not disturbed.

The SRC-131 provides a total solution for air conditioning control including fan coil unit with 3-speed fan and heat pump systems.

The SRC-131 has built-in RS485 Modbus communication which allows effective integration of the controller to the hotel management systems and to the central building management systems.


  • Bright Backlit Touchscreen
  • Intuitive Operation
  • 4-Pipe Fan Coil Unit Applications (Offices and Hotels)
  • Modbus RS485 Communication to BMS and Hotel Management Systems
  • Application Support for Fan Coil Units and Heat Pumps
  • 3-Speed Fan Speed Control
  • Extensive Installer Options
  • Integrated Temperature Sensor (or External Temperature Sensor Option)
  • Occupancy Input
  • Optional Built-In Doorbell
  • Optional Door Stations (Outside the Room and Inside the Room)

Application Example:-

The diagram below illustrates the typical set-up of the SRC-131 room controller in hotel applications. The SRC-131 controller is equally suitable for 4-pipe office applications. The controller can provide intuitive and fully automated control, and it links to the hotel management system/BMS via Modbus RTU communication, as well as the door stations provide attractive state-of-the-art interface to the system.

The controller can be used in 4-pipe heating and cooling applications. The available heating outputs can control on/off thermic actuators, or 0..10Vdc fully modulating actuators.

SRC-131 Touchscreen Hotel Room Controller with Modbus