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BACnet Touchscreen Room Controllers | SRT-60-BAC-24 BACnet Touchscreen Hotel Room Thermostatic Controller, BACnet, 24V Power

SRT-60 are attractive flush mounted BACnet MS/TP RTU thermostatic controllers with a large colour intuitive 3.5” touchscreen for viewing the system status and modifying the settings. The SRT-60 BACnet MS/TP controllers have two 24Vac Triac outputs and two 230Vac relay outputs, and ideal for wide range of applications e.g. hotels or offices. The 320x480 pixel 255K touchscreen provides a dynamic sharp graphical interface to the heating and cooling control. The SRT-60 thermostatic controllers can be used with stand-alone applications as well as with networked BACnet and BACnet MS/TP systems.

SRT-60 thermostatic controllers require 24Vac power supply (optionally 24Vdc if PWM triacs are not used). The SRT-60 thermostatic controllers have Fahrenheit and Celsius unit selection for both user and for engineering units.

STR-60 thermostatic BACnet MS/TP touchscreen controllers have one heating/cooling control loop and additional heating control loop. The main control loop uses 24Vac triac output either in ON/OFF mode, or in PWM (thermic actuator modulation) mode. The second control zone uses either 7A 230Vac relay (e.g. can be used for electric underfloro heating in bathrooms etc.) or PWM (modulating thermic actuator).

SRT-60 controllers can also control lights and ventilation. The lights output (7A 230Vac) is automatically switched ON when the device goes to COMFORT mode (e.g via digital input door card). This allows the unit to be intergared to lights control / or to switch the power on in the room. Furthermore a ventilation output is provided to switch ventilation ON. As such, the SRT-60 BACnet MS/TP Thermostatic Controllers are ideal for hotel applications where main zone and bathroom underfloor control is combined with the lights and ventilation control.

SRT-60 controllers touchscreen is simple to use and provide instant access to all relevant information. The 'energy ring' indicates if there is heating or cooling demand, and the screen can also be dimmed easily in the night time. The action ring rotates all relevant information in a smooth transition providing design touch to the system, and making all necessary information visible without cluttering the display. Overrides are simple just by touching the relevant area on the display e.g. lights or ventilation.

SRT-60 BACnet MS/TP thermostatic ocntrollers provide ECO and OFF modes that allow different control strategies to be defined and to offer cost savings in unoccupied spaces.

Other features include e.g. a possibility to rename the measurements based on the selection, language selection, and a possibility to send a network temperature to the SRT-60. This was using the BACnet MS/TP network the network master can send e.g. Outdoor temperature over the BACnet MS/TP network to the SRT-60 display.


  • Wide Range of Power Supply Options; 24Vac(/dc) Power Supply
  • 3.5” Colour Responsive Resistive Touchscreen, 320 x 480 Pixels
  • Main Zone Heating/Cooling Control using 24Vac Triac - modulating PWM or On/Off
  • Second Zone Heating Control using 230Vac 7A relay or 24Vac PWM Triac
  • Lighting (system enable) Output for Automatic Enabling (230Vac 7A Relay)
  • Ventilation System Enable Output using 24Vac Triac
  • BACnet MS/TP RTU RS-485 Communications
  • Flush mounted to the UK, European or US Wall Mounting Boxes; Attractive
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius unit selection as standard
  • Modern Designer Look with Black/Chrome Colour Scheme
  • Attractive Simple to Use Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Energy Ring Advising when Heating or Cooling Required
  • ECO and OFF Modes for Energy Savings (reduced setpoint)
  • Timed Cleaning Mode for Energy Saving and Space Cleaning
  • Automatic Frost Protection to protect building fabric
  • Built-In Sensor for the Main Zone
  • Remote NCT10 Control Sensor Input for the Second Zone
  • Lockable Screen with 4-Digit Lock Code
  • Number of Lock Screen Options depending on the Applications
  • Further Settings Staff Password Code
  • Maintenance Mode Password Protected
  • User Control for Lights and Ventilation (multiple modes).
  • Humidity Sensor Option for Internal Humidity Display and Monitoring

Typical Control Applications:-

The SRT-60 BACnet MS/TP Touchscreen thermostatic controllers can be used in wide variety of applications. One example is a hotel room application described in the below diagram:-

SRT60 Modbus Touchscreen Controller Hotel Application Example

SRT60 Modbus Hotel Room Controller Example

BACnet MS/TP Networking Examples:-

The SRT-60 BACnet touchscreen thermostatic hotel controllers and Modbus hotel controllers can be linked to building automation and home automation systems. The industry standard BACnet and BACnet MS/TP protocols guarantee interoperability to most home automation systems such as Crestron and Control4, as well as building automation and control systems such as Trend, Tridium, Honeywell, Alerton, Priva and SyxthSense Sedona solutions. Connecting SRT BACnet and BACnet MS/TP controllers to these systems release the full potential of the attractive user interface with system functionality. The standard BACnet MS/TP and BACnet implementation guarantee interoperability.

SRT-60 BACnet and Modbus Networks

Select from SRT-Relative-Humidity-Option:
Relative Humidity Option for SyxthSense Touchscreen Range
Select from Enclosure-Colour-Option:
White Colour Enclosure Option RAL9010