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Heating Optimiser Compensators | SYX761 Plant Room Controller, Multi-Zone and Function, NTC10 Sensors

The SYX 760 Series is a direct digital controller which is designed to suit the control needs of today’s smaller commercial and larger domestic boiler heated properties. It will control one, two or multiple boilers (via 0-10v signal), with requirements for optimum start and with direct boiler or boiler and valve compensation. The circuits are easily configured for constant temperature if required. The 760 series comes with 76x.1 expansion module allowing the second optimised heating zone to be linked to the boiler. The module also incorporates HWS control. In addition SYX76x.2 second expansion module can be added to the system to expand it further to include Primary Pump, Timed Channel and Alarm beacon controls.

Easy installation and operation are key features of the SYX 760. The controller has a base application that can be adjusted during the commissioning phase with simple parameter options. The use of experienced default settings means that the system is ready to control with minimal adjustments. Additional self-adapting features adjust the control settings to the building. An override menu allows you to override the unit mode without the need to change any settings. If adjustments or time setting of the unit is required, adjustments can be made using the controller display, an optional remote colour touchscreen, or via the in-built web browser that is compatible with any Laptop or Smart Device.

The info button provides direct access to visual indication of all input and output status. The simple user screen is text based and is backlit for easy use in poor plant room lighting.

The internal web browser allows local site and remote site monitoring/supervision. Users can interrogate relevant parameters with 3 distinct user levels changed by entering the correct code: Information Level (default), Change Level, Set-up level.

Further, using the well-established BACnet protocol, this product can be integrated into an existing supervisory system where a solution is already installed.

Historical records of temperature are taken at regular intervals and sensor are monitored for their operational condition. Performance can be assessed and savings increased through better information and analysis.

SYX66x/76x Brochure Download

SYX76x Range Introduction

Sensor Options (including Drayton DC1100, DC1400, Siemens RVL and Kieback&Peter HRP Replacements)

The SYX760 Series Optimiser/Compensators are available with range of sensors including KP10 (SyxthSense/Kieback&Peter HRP Replacement), NTC10 (Trend Type Sensors), NI1000-LG (Siemens RVL Replacement), Satchwell NTC10-KB (Drayton DC1400 Replacement) and DC1100 (Drayton DC1100 Replacement).

Required Tools

No specific tools are required, the controller can be configured through the built-in LCD display, or alternatively the controller can be configured via a web-browser. INSTALL & GO !


  • Optimum Start and Stop; optimises the plant run on times based on the temperature required saving energy
  • Day Economy; optimises the energy savings by switching the heating off during the day times if space temperature is close to the setpoint.
  • Three-stage frost protection; OUTSIDE FROST brings pump on and opens valve; BOILER RETURN FROST brings the heating on, SPACE TEMPERATURE FROST bring the system on in boost mode.
  • Pump Run-On; dissipates the heat from the system, adjustable run-on time.
  • Boiler Sequencing; up to 2 boilers are sequenced based on the demand; if more boilers required use BPRO modules
  • Lead Boiler Rotation; rotates the lead boiler
  • Valve Exercise; prevents valve seizures and blockages in the heating system extending the equipment lifetime
  • Pumps Exercise; prevent the pumps seizing up in unused periods
  • Service Mode; provides full heat for 30 minutes
  • Heating Time Programs; adjust the required heating times via the LCD screen or via a web-browser
  • Hot Water Time Channel; control hot water to the required times (adjustable via the LCD screen or web-browser)
  • Hot Water Boiler Interlock; allows boilers to be run when there is HWS demand
  • Hot Water Priority Function; helps to heat up the hot water cylinder faster
  • Second Optimised Heating Zone Control
  • User Adjustable Heating and Hot Water Time Extensions via the backlit LCD screen or via web-browser (remote access e.g from offices)
  • Possibility to use the external Time Extension modules such as LAP5
  • Operating mode override; Auto/Summer/Continuous/Frost/Service via the LCD screen or via the web-browser
  • External override input for frost and summer control (linked to e.g. frost thermostat or summer switch) BACnet integration capability to the BMS systems
  • Malfunction Messages
  • Trend Graph Displays
  • EN50022 DIN rail DIN-rail mounting to the Panel Mounting Kit
  • Two different size panel mounting kits (Small and Large) are available to the Retrofitting applications

Application Example:-

The diagram below illustrates the usage of the SYX760 Optimiser/Compensator and Plant Room Controller.

SYX760 Heating Example