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SyxthSense can offer a wide range of solutions from our basic to PDS, the SYX660, to the advanced SYX760 large plant controller. All are easy to wire and configure without specialist tools or support ... [FULL ARTICLE]

Please see we have added a video to help with the wiring changeover from a DC1x00 to a SYX66x Controller. The 8 minute video runs through which wires go where and what you need to do to get the job do... [FULL ARTICLE]

Better features make more customers happier and save more money - shipping from today the SYX66x range offer some new options: Boiler Flow Sensor on the old DC1100 Now it is optional to remove the re... [FULL ARTICLE]

If you have a defective JEL MOC1500 or Jel Micro 2000 controller the SYX661 or SYX761 can bring you swiftly into the 21st century using existing sensors and reducing installation time and cost. If yo... [FULL ARTICLE]

The new SyxthSense 2017 product catalogue and price list is now available to download. As always the 2017 product catalogue is packed with advanced and cost effective control solutions. The 2017 Catal... [FULL ARTICLE]

SyxthSense is pleased to introduce BAC-IO10-DIN-AI and MOD-IO10-DIN-AI IO-modules. The IO-modules extend further the SyxthSense IO-module portfolio. These modules have 2 digital input, 2 analogue 0-10... [FULL ARTICLE]

The SRC200 BACnet and Modbus controllers have been enhanced to support an additional resistive input (setpoint knob is replaced by setpoint push buttons), and optional 0-10V measurements. This allows ... [FULL ARTICLE]

SyxthSense CDR BACnet CO2 and Modbus CO2 sensor have now more eXtra features than ever. The sensors can now also monitor analogue 0-10V signals with AI-option. This allows the CO2 sensors to monitor e... [FULL ARTICLE]

Welcome to SyxthSense Ltd- the UK's leading HVAC, BACnet, Wireless and Modbus Products, Metering and Home Control solutions provider!!

SyxthSense offers a huge range of products designed for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Intelligent energy management and monitoring, Room thermostats and wireless sensors, alarm integrators and gas leak detectors, we offer a host of solutions from stock at the most competitive prices.

Choose Syxthsense and you have immediate access to a higher level of functionality giving you total control of buildings or zones within your home.

At SyxthSense we have developed a solid reputation for the quality of our products and the level of customer service that backs up every enquiry and order. It’s our goal to deliver unrivalled solutions to any problem - and whether you need wireless thermostats or the latest networking products, our selection is constantly growing and we’re happy to discuss any request for sensors and metering products. We carefully research all the products you see here, providing superior room thermostats, gas valves or smoke detectors, ready for fast, efficient dispatch direct to you.

It is our goal to deliver unrivalled solutions to any application - and whether you need override buttons, valves and actuators or the latest in BACnet, Modbus and M-Bus networking products, our selection is constantly growing . We are happy to discuss any request for special solutions and tailored products. We carefully research all our offering so it is ready for fast dispatch and effective application use.

Browse our site now and you’ll find an extensive range of advanced products. With thousands of products to choose from we can help with advice and information on any of our systems or control hardware - just call our hotline on 0844 840 3100 and one of our team will be happy to assist. Setting up your online account takes just a couple of minutes and you’ll be able to order online through our secure shopping process, and all products are dispatched for next day delivery whenever possible.

OUR FEATURED SOLUTIONS (click photos for more information)

  • SyxthSense offers complete domestic range including digital thermostats, programmable room thermostats, wireless themrostats, wireless radiator control and home automation solutions. Save up to 20-30% on energy costs using our solutions!
  • Modbus Room Controllers
    SyxthSense complete fully integrated hotel room control solution. Backlit large touchscreen controller. Modbus communication to Hotel management systems. Integrated occupancy and doorbell functionality. Simple single user interface for hotel and leisure applications.
  • SyxthSense CO2 Range - Advanced Control, Comprehensive Solutions, CO2 Alarm, Wireless CO2 Transmitters, CO2 Control Solutions, Cost Effectiveness at its best!
  • SyxthSense wireless temperature sensor range with wireless CO2 transmitter has proven track record on challenging control applications. Our wireless range is comprehensive, tested and includes wide array of products and advanced options.
  • SyxthSense Natural Ventilation Controllers offer advanced control, smart user interface with override functions and Modbus/BACnet communication - can operate stand-alone or part of a bigger system.
  • SyxthSense Smart Metering solutions offer effective way of energy metering and tenant billing. Prodion AMR software and tenant billing package offers high level of flexibility. Our range of heat, water, electricity and gas meters integrate seamlessly. SyxthSense also specialises on M-bus networking equipment.
  • SyxthSense Sedona Framework controllers and touchscreen offer new, fresh and innovative outlook for building controls applications. BACnet, Modbus, Ethernet, Sedona SOX communication. Flexible and simple programming for HVAC and generic applications.
  • SyxthSense PDS2 Controller Range - heating boiler plant and ventilation plant control - simple user interface - Modbus communication - wide range of applications.
Home Control Solutions

Home Control Solutions and Programmable Thermostats, Energy Saving Solutions

Sedona Framework Controller Network Examples

Sedona Framework Building Automation for Small to Medium Sized Buildings

Smart Metering Solutions

Sophisticated Smart Metering Solutions, SyxthSense - the metering experts!

Natural Ventilation Control

Natural Ventilation Controls - Intelligent Ways for Low Energy Applications

Wireless Control with Modbus

Wireless Measurement and Control, Single Modbus Interface for Measurement and Control

Touchscreen Modbus Room Controllers

Touchscreen Modbus Room Controllers for Advanced Zone Control

Wireless CO2 Sensors and CO2 alarm Units

CO2 Measurement with Accuracy - Wired or Wireless. "Traffic light display" for visualisation.