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Binary Relay Modules | IO-4BRM 4 Relay Binary Sequence Module, 0-10V Input

4 Relay Binary Sequence Module, 0-10V Input

Datasheet (516kB)

The 4 BRM module is intended for use with Direct Digital Controllers or Ramp Output Controllers to convert an analogue output signal to sixteen binary stages of relay output. The module can be configured for three relay output sequencing by limiting the input voltage to five volts.It can also be configured for sequence or unitary control.

Applications include the sequence control of electric heater banks , boilers and lighting circuits. LEDs indicate relay output status and on board jumpers select Auto/On/Off, if required an optional remote Auto/On/Off switch can be supplied .


  • Microprocessor Based
  • Provides four SPDT relay output channels
  • LED status indication
  • Auto/On/Off Jumper for system checkout
  • Power fail restart
  • Unique Input verification for correct seamless Binary Output with no Dead spots
  • Hysteresis for all operation modes 150 mV.
  • On board timers for outputs which eliminate relay bounce
  • Designed for DIN rail mounting
  • Rising cage terminals


  • Expanding SDC Controller Outputs by converting Analogue Output Signal to 4 Relay Outputs
  • Binary Control of Elecric Heater Banks
  • Binary Relay Sequencing with any BMS Equipment

Example Usage Diagram

Sedona 4BRM Digital Output Expansion Example