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Modbus Input and Output Modules | MOD-IO10-DIN Modbus RTU Module, 2RI/DI, 4AO, 2DI, 2DO, DIN-Rail

Modbus RTU Module, 2RI/DI, 4AO, 2DI, 2DO, DIN-Rail

Datasheet (390kB)

MOD-DIO4-DIN and MOD-IO10-DIN Modbus IO-modules have been designed for integrating remote signals to central systems. Using the Modbus communication it is easy to provide distributed architecture with often significant savings in cabling costs. The modules are wall mounted and easily used in wide range of applications.

The units support Modbus RTU RS-485 communication (Modbus slaves), and parameters are available using Coils, Discrete Inputs, Input Registers and Holding registers.

Modbus Zone IO-Modules

Required Tools

The baud rate and address is configured through the on-board bit switch. Further configuration parameters are available over the Modbus communication.



  • Modbus RTU RS-485 Communication for universal integration
  • Compact IO-modules for zoning and other applications
  • 24Vac Power Supply
  • DIN-rail Mounting