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MBus to Modbus Converters | MOD-MBUS-48 M-Bus to Modbus Converter, 48 Meters, 232/485

MODBUS to M-BUS converter can be used with any Modbus Master to read M-Bus meters. The converter supports up to 48 M-Bus meters. The Modbus messages are freely configurable and data can be actualised in selectable periods of time. The converter supports up to 600 variables to be read periodically. The MODBUS to M-BUS converter is used to connect M-bus meters to any Modbus systems such as building management systems.

The MODBUS-MBUS converter can operate in either RS485 or RS232 Mode.

Required Tools

The Modbus to M-bus configuration tool is required to be programmed with the M-bus to Modbus mapping table. This is done using the Modbus-to-Mbus-Configurator tool software. The software can be downloaded from SyxthSense Support Download Forum from m-bus folder. The software connects using serial port to the converter. If you are enabling RS485 mode of the converter you will need to have a serial to RS485 converter for the conenction. The converter needs to be able to support auto handshake such ADAM-4561-CE from SyxthSense, otherwise the connection may not be established.


  • Connnects up to 48 M-bus meters (devices/unit loads) and maximum of 600 variable
  • Host communication via RS232 or RS485 with MODBUS/RTU slave procotol
  • Host baudrates: 9600, 19200, 38400 or 57600Bd, no, even or odd parity, 8 databits, 1 stopbit
  • M-BUS baud rates: 300bps up to 38400bps
  • M-BUS and MODBUS interface is galvanically isolated
  • Configuration of MBUS-CONF confugurator software
  • EN50022 DIN rail DIN-rail mounting

Application Example:-

The diagram below illustrates the usage of the MODBUS-MBUS converter with the Sedona Building Management system using its Modbus interfacing capabilities.

Modbus to M-Bus Converter Integration to Sedona Modbus Master.



Power Supply: 24Vdc <3.5W
Modbus: Modbus RTU Slave
9600 to 57,600 bps, 8 Data Bits, Parity None/Even/Odd, 1 Stop Bit
Modbus Connection: RS485/RS232
M-Bus: According to EN1434-3
Maximum 48 M-Bus Meter Loads (Nominal Load 1.5mA)
Maximum Number of Parameters: 600
Housing: IP20
Mounting: EN50022 DIN-rail
Dimensions: W17.5 x H58 x D70mm
Weight: 60g