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Modbus RTU Networkable Communicating Products

SyxthSense offers the most complete Modbus range in the European BMS market. At SyxthSense we specialise in Modbus communication due to its reliability, low cost and wide integration capabilities. Our Modbus range products can be networked to practically any Modbus master making them ideal for any building control or process control application. Or you can alternatively use our Modbus masters in building your complete solution.

The diagram below illustrates our Modbus product range.

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Modbus Device Network Example


  • Modbus RTU RS485 Communication - standard protocol
  • Support for all typical Function Codes - simple to integrate
  • RS485 communication chip - reliability
  • Most BMS and Process Control systems support Modbus - products can be used anywhere
  • Modbus communication settings configuration made easy - fast to install
  • Low cost but yet reliable communication - cabling simple


Modbus Slaves

Modbus Masters