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CO2 Sensors with Alarm Displays Traffic Lights | CDR-AL Room CO2 Traffic Light Alarm Unit, 0-10V Outputs

CDR-AL sensors and alarm units are designed to detect carbon dioxide concentration, temperature in the room spaces and provide alarm indication on high level of CO2 (green, amber and red LED). This is so-called "Traffic Light CO2 Sensor". The CO2 sensor calibrate automatically its measurement. The CDR sensors have linear 0..10V signals outputs relating to CO2-concentration, temperature, and light level. The CDRC sensors have 4..20mA outputs. The sensors can be used for demand controlled ventilation in buildings.

CDR-AL transmitters can be installed on wall surface or on a wall mounting box in dry indoor environment. The CDR sensors come with a number of options such as passive setpoint, digital output, occupancy detection and passive resistive sensor elements.

The CDR -AL sensors can also operate as CO2, temperature, humidity or light level controllers modulating analogue outputs, or switching the digital output on based on the setpoints (the digital output are provided by fitting the additional -DO option).


  • Traffic Light CO2 Sensor; LEDs Indicating High CO2 Concentration (Adjustable Limits)
  • Attractive Wall Mounted Room Enclosure (for UK/European/US mounting)
  • Adaptive CO2 Measurement Logic, Self-Calibrating
  • Large Range of Options to Suit Any Applications
  • Built-In Controller Functionality for CO2, Temperature, Humidity and Light Control


Select from LUX-vs-Rotary-Knob-Setpoint-Options:
SP - Active Setpoint Potentiometer Option
Select from Relative-Humidity-Option:
RH - Relative Humidity Option, 2% Accuracy
Select from Push-Button-Options:
PB - Backlit Push Button Option
Select from Digital-Output-Option:
DO - Digital Output Option
Select from Passive-Temperature-Sensor-Option:
Passive NTC10 Temperature Option
Select from Push-Button-Setpoint-Option:
SPB -Active Push Button Setpoint Option  (requires LCD)