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Duct and Outside Humidity Sensors | KLK100 Duct Humidity and Temperature Sensor

Duct Humidity and Temperature Sensor

Datasheet (76kB)

KLK and KLHJ combined humidity and temperature transmitters detect duct air humidity by a capacitive element and temperature by the thermistor element. The linear output signals (humidity and temperature) can be configured to be either 0..10V or 4..20mA signal. High quality elements guarantee long stability and wide operating ranges for both humidity and temperature.

Duct Temperature and Humidity Sensor  
Power Supply: 24Vac/dc +/-15%, <1.2VA
Humidity Range: 0..100%rH
Temperature Range: -50..50°C
Accuracy (Humidity): +/-2%rH at 25°C (0..90%rH)
Accuracy (Temperature): +/-0.5°C at 25°C
Humidity Output: 0..10Vdc <2mA = 0..100%rH or
4..20mA <600 Ohm
Temperature Output: 0..10Vdc <2mA = -50..50°C or
4..20mA <600 Ohm
Mounting: Using Adjustable Flange
Dimensions: Enclosure: W70 x H98mm