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Duct Smoke Detectors | SDD-3000-P Weatherproof Photoelectric Duct Smoke Detector

SDD-3000 duct smoke detectors are the Industry's ONLY Weathertight Duct Smoke Detectors. Check the single-latch closure - no screws to slow you down. And a one-piece cover! Compatible with all duct smoke detectors, sample tubes and remote accessories. Our timed Maintenance Mode allows servicing with no extra trouble reports to the system. The next generation of trade-dedicated terminal blocks help HVAC, Fire and Electrical installers.

The SDD-3000 inonisation and photovoltaic duct detectors are ideal for installations where the air handling units have been mounted outside e.g. in the roof space. They are also ideal for areas with harsh weather conditions such as marine applications.

Photovoltaic vs Ionization Detection

Q: So where to use Photovoltaic detection and where Ionization detectors?

A: Ionization detection is based on smell rather than light in photovoltaic sensors. Ionization Detection normally work more reliably than photovoltaic minimising the false alarms. Ionization is typically used in offices, schools, public buildings etc. Photovoltaic detectors are normally used in buildings where the duct inherently contains various gases e.g. in hospitals.


  • 180° visibility for all visual indicators with cover in place
  • Operating voltages: 230VAC, 115VAC, 24VAC, 24VDC
  • Patented cover tether retains the one-piece cover at unit
  • Flashing LED on detector head indicates normal operation, can be viewed with cover on
  • Ionization and Photoelectric versions available
  • Interconnect up to 30 units for common functions
  • Works with the complete range of duct smoke detector remote accessories
  • Compatible with building automation and fire alarm systems

    Installation - Mechanical
  • Patented cover latch offers the industry’s only no-tools single point cover assembly
  • Patented cover tether keeps cover at unit for convenience
  • Patented no-tools front or rear loading and removing sampling/exhaust tubes
  • All gaskets are permanently attached and pre-installed

    Installation - Electrical
  • Patented no-tools terminal blocks for easier wiring with built-in test meter probe access
  • Intuitively labeled terminal positions
  • Dedicated and segregated terminal blocks for power input, relay control, remote accessories and detector interconnection
  • No confusing “special programming” required
  • Permanently attached wiring diagram on inside front cover
  • Two sets of 10A form “C” alarm contacts
  • One set of 10A form “C” trouble contacts
  • One set of 1A form “A” alarm contacts and one set of 7A form “B” trouble contacts for fire alarm interface

  • Patented Maintenance Mode offers 3-minute interval for test and maintenance functions with no extra trouble reports to the system (auto shut-off upon cover latch engagement)
  • Patented Test Port allows for aerosol smoke testing without cover removal
  • Magnet test capability (magnet included)

  • Standard interchangeable “twist-in” photoelectric or ionization heads for easy cleaning and replacement
  • Advanced detector head design yields internal dust filtering
  • Front no-tools sampling tube removal and replacement provides for simple inspection of debris accumulation

  • IP56 (NEMA 4X) watertight enclosure for non-hazardous indoor and outdoor applications, to include corrosive environments
  • Listed for air velocities between 0.5-20 m/s
  • Ion and Photo models listed for applications ranging from -20°C to 70°C
RT300 Spoke Detector Features