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BACnet CO2 Sensors | T8100-D-BAC Room CO2 and Temp Sensor, BACnet MS/TP, Display

Room CO2 and Temp Sensor, BACnet MS/TP, Display

Datasheet (241kB)

T8100 are intelligent BACnet CO2 and temperature transmitters. They use the world-class ABC Logic™ for measuring the CO2 concentration. The ABC logic removes the needs for the calibration in the normal environments. The transmitters are available with or without a display, and can also be provided with option %rH relative humidity measurement.


  • BACnet MS/TP Communication
  • Patented, Absorption Infrared Gas sensing engine provides high accuracy in a compact low cost package
  • Patented ABC Logicâ„¢ self-calibration system eliminates the need for manual calibration in most applications.
  • Mounting plate with two-piece terminal blocks provide quick, easy wiring.
  • Gas permeable, water resistant CO2 diffusion filter prevents particulate and water contamination of the sensor.
  • Locking screw secures cover and sensor to the mounting bracket for tamper resistance
  • Temperature sensor on all models.
  • Modern enclosure with customized branding available.
  • CO2 measurement and humidity models.
  • Two-piece design allows unit to be replaced without the need for rewiring.


Ventilation is an important part of maintaining a comfortable, healthy, productive environment for people. Improper ventilation can have a negative impact on occupant health and performance, increase the risk from litigation, and/or waste energy. Demand-controlled ventilation using CO2 sensors prevents energy losses from over-ventilation while maintaining indoor air quality. The most energy savings potential is in buildings where occupancy fluctuates during a 24-hour period. Numerous organizations now require and/or recommend CO2- based ventilation control in different commercial HVAC applications. Some utility companies also offer rebates to building owners for installing CO2 sensors.

Wall mount sensors are used to control a specific area such as a conference room, classroom, meeting hall, etc. The T8100 series are easy to install and have a clean, modern look that suits most indoor environments.

BACnet Networking Example

BACnet MS/TP Networking Example