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NTC20k Temperature Sensors | TEFM-NTC20 NTC20 Flush Anti-Ligature Room Temp Sensor

NTC20 Flush Anti-Ligature Room Temp Sensor

Datasheet (73kB)

The TEFM flush mounted temperature sensors have been specifically designed to reduce the impact of bulky boxes on walls. The TEFM range has also anti-ligature design for use in hospitals and other instituitons and provide excellent impact resistance. TEFM range is perfect for applications where style is as important as the functionality. We use the highest quality components with the tightest tolerances to ensure repeatability and reliability. The TEFM sensors are flush mounted to a typical UK wall mounting box and are available in large range of mesurement elements and in different colours on special request.

  • Great look and feel
  • Flush Mounted
  • Anti-Ligature impact resistance design
  • Pt 1000, NTC10k3, NTC10k4, NTC1800, NTC4k7, NTC100K, NTC20, Ni1000 elements available for SyxthSense thermostats, Siemens, Trend, TAC, Andover, York and many other systems
  • Fast response rates
  • Available also in different colours
    Anti-Ligature Sensors  
    Sensor Element:

    TEFM PT1000 - Pt1000 EN 60751/B
    TEFM NTC10 - 10 kOhm NTC10K3A1 Thermistor
    TEFM NTC10-AN - 10 kOhm NTC10k4A1 Thermistor
    TEFM NTC1800 - 1800 Ohm NTC Thermistor
    TEFM NTC4K7 - 4700 Ohm NTC Thermistor
    TEFM NTC100K - 100 kOhm NTC Thermistor
    TEFM NTC20 - 20kOhm NTC20k6A1 Thermistor
    TEFM NI1000 - Nickel 1000 Ohm


    TEFM PT1000 - ±0.3°C (at 0°C)
    TEFM NTC10 & TEFM NTC20 & NTC 1800- ±0.2°C (at 25°C)
    TEFM NI1000-LG - ±0.5°C (at 0°C)

    Housing: IP20 Flush Mounted
    Colour: White - other colours available on request with the colour matching service
    Range: 0...20°C