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Modbus Plant Room Sensors | TEK-M Modbus Duct Temperature Sensor

The -M Range Modbus temperature sensors are designed for measuring the temperature. The sensors information can be used to control other device in the HVAC system. Temperature is measured by a Pt1000 element. The sensor element resistance information is converted into a 0…10 V signal and the temperature measurement is available also via Modbus. The temperature range can be chosen at the commissioning. The -M range sensor settings can be changed by using the ML-SER tool.

One point field calibration of the sensors can be executed, the temperature output can be changed to the controller function (P or PI-control) and the communication settings of the Modbus can be configured. The -M range sensors can be equipped with a 3.5-digit liquid crystal display option TE-N V2. The display resolution is 0.1 °C.



  • Modbus RS485 RTU Communications
  • Accurate Temperature Measurement
  • Selectable Temperature Measurement Ranges
  • Configurable as a Temperature Controller
  • Water Immersion, Duct, Strap-On and Average Temperature Sensors. Other options available on request.