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GLT-2368 GLT-2368 USB to Serial Converter
GLT-2368 USB to Serial Converter
Compact USB to Serial DB9 RS-232 converter. Supplied with software driver CD for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP. Compatible with USB 1.1 and 2.0.
£28.00 £33.60 inc VAT

USB-NANO-485 USB to RS485 Converter
USB to RS485 Converter
The USB-Nano-485 converts signals between USB and RS-485. The device is specially designed for two wire RS-485-bus. The configuration is simple and LEDs provide indication of status. The LEDs show: Power (yellow), Rx (green) and Tx (red). Because of its extremely small dimensions the USB-Nano-485 is particularly usable for field use with notebooks where typically devices are much larger. Supports upto 32 connected bus devices. This device is not Opto Issolated. Plugs directly into USB port for power and can be field connected using plugabale terminal block with A/B and G connections. Termination and Biasing options via DIL Switches. The USB Nano and the ADAM 4561 are both compatible with the STC65-MOD where some RS485 converters may not be.
£70.00 £84.00 inc VAT

ADAM-4561-CE 1-Port Isolated USB to RS232/422/485 Converter
1-Port Isolated USB to RS232/422/485 Converter
ADAM-4561 allows PC users to connect a serial device to a system that use a USB interface. Gives one extra high-speed RS-232/422/485 ports. The power is derived from the USB port, so there are no power adapters to deal with. Speed up to 115.2 kbps. Automatic RS-485 data flow control. Plug & play installation.
£144.00 £172.80 inc VAT