Latest DDC420 Controller from SyxthSense takes over from retiring HRP Heating Controller
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Latest DDC420 Controller from SyxthSense takes over from retiring HRP Heating Controller

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#1 | Posted: 16 Jan 2015 12:48 | Edited by: Dene Matthews  
The latest DDC420 release is now confirmed as the future of small to medium sized building plant control. Its format, capability and expansion options over field bus and BACnet allow it to accommodate yesteryear requirements and of course those of the future. Field bus modules can be located up to 2km away from the DDC. An internal web browser that is not Java dependent is embedded as standard meaning easy user interaction via smart phones or similar devices. Its programming is assisted by pre-defined templates that permit rapid robust programming and documentation.

A TPC remote colour touchscreen option can also be used to provide remote customer access over Ethernet to all or specific controllers.

The DDC420 is part of the DDC4000 product family and is fully BACnet compliant. SyxthSense and clients have been using the controller for over 18 months with repeated success.

Up to 99 DDC420 controllers can be connected over the Ethernet network and all devices are fully peer to peer sharing all values. Additional input and output modules can be added and also the DDC420 can integrate with Supervisory (Client) or Slave (Server) BACnet devices.

The HRP retires from active duty
Continuing on from previous sales communications and discussions it is with sadness that SyxthSense needs to formally inform you that the HRP and LRP controller family have now ceased being manufactured. This is simply due to component obsolescence. The following product lines are affected due to this retirement:

LRP-HRP Software Tool and Lead
W-HRP Back plate Bracket Option
WS200 - Webbiter Web Server

The ongoing support situation is as follows:
· SyxthSense will now reserve stock of held HRP products for support purposes only.
· We offer a repair service with the support of Kieback & Peter in Berlin should the situation warrant special circumstances. Whilst a product is away for repair we can arrange a product loan service to keep systems operational.
· We will continue to support programming services and the smart select forum will continue to be available for the foreseeable future.
· Literature and technical support remain
· Any products sold prior to 16th January 2015 will of course be fully support by the factory until the close of the standard 2 year warranty.
· The DDC420 should not be connected to an existing HRP network or to a Webbiter as other works are required and damage could occur.
· Talk to a member of SyxthSense Sales regarding system upgrades to DDC420 from HRP or LRP.

This news should not come as such a shock as this has been in planning for 18 months and we had been openly advising clients throughout this period. Many clients and projects have already been using the DDC420 solution and many installers have already been trained on the new software tools and services. This means the system is up and running and we are complete in our support of the DDC420 and HRP phase out. The DDC420 can re-use all HRP sensors and modules.

Fast and robust application programming for various levels of project.
More recently SyxthSense has developed a DDC programming library to support very rapid application programming and documentation for the majority of boiler house projects. Complete project downloads for the DDC420 will also soon be made available in the Smart Select Tool for free download as with the HRP. These files are simply uploaded into the controller using a standard web browser connection and do not require any specialist software tools. The template library allows a huge range of application variables to increase energy savings in most if not all small to medium sized building applications. The Smart Select Schemes will be built with these templates and can be used to learn from as needed. The programs can also be changed by swapping template parts with items from the library.

In summary this means installers can either choose from a library of pre-completed schemes or construct a program from proven building blocks. Further, advanced users can freely program the devices and build their own libraries adapting anything they can leverage. In this regard we offer a three tier application offering to suit your time, experience, and learning pace – all with a common product and tool. The HRP sensors and IO modules are directly compatible with the DDC420. The DDC420 can also accept many other types of sensor to reduce replacement costs.

We offer a range of panel mounting kit options, Ethernet accessories, sensors, cables, valves, actuators, IO modules to complete any project.

The software features, flexibility and application capabilities are greatly improved and the DDC420 controller delivers these with robust simplicity.

For more information on the DDC420 please contact us, go to the support download area, or use the following link :

Any questions or comments can be raised on this forum
Author Reggi N...
#2 | Posted: 28 Mar 2019 17:19  
Hi...I have recently installed an Evohome system. The Evohome website says that "The evohome controller can act as a room thermostat on its own." I would like to do this for the Hall zone where the controller is wall mounted, but can't find any guidance on how to set it up this way. Can anybody help me with how to do this please?
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