Remote/ public access to controller
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Remote/ public access to controller

Author Kev B...
#1 | Posted: 22 Jun 2015 10:05  

I was looking for suggestions on how to make these controllers accessible over the internet?

We've set them up on a LAN and set up a remote desktop so that 1 person at a time can communicate with it outside of the network. We are now looking for some guidance on how to set it up on a WAN, possibly through VPN?

Any help and/ or being pointed into the direction of a tutorial would be greatly appreciated.

Author Ian J...
#2 | Posted: 29 Jun 2015 12:27  
Hi Kev,

Do you have access to your router settings? or is the site IT managed by the IT dept?

If you can get access to the router settings, the best way the set up remote access is to use a DDNS account and port forwarding -

There is plenty of info on the internet , but you might find the following video of help -


Ian J.
Author Sk F...
#3 | Posted: 28 Sep 2016 15:22  

For remote access to each controller, you need to port forward to its local Sox port, which is UDP 1876.

of course DDNS settings is required if you do not have a static IP.

Try the below if you have multiple controllers.

External 1876 UDP >> Internal Port 1876 UDP for controller number 1 .
External 1877 UDP >> Internal POrt 1876 UDP for controller number 2.
Author Jukka H...
#4 | Posted: 31 Oct 2017 17:02 | Edited by: Jukka Hurtta  
In general to provide remote access to Sedona controllers from the Internet, the router is required to be configured to 'port forward' the messages (web-page requests, CPT wire sheet information, Graphics web-page configuration updates) to the Sedona controller. Once configured the messages coming from internet are automatically forwarded to the Sedona controller.

In order to access the controller remotely using the Web-pages:-
- You need the IP address of the router to be typed to the web-browser address URL
- Normally you will not know the routers IP address unless it has been configured as static IP and the ISP provides the IP address
- The easiest way to resolve this is to use Dynamic DNS that translates automatically the router IP address to human readable address e.g.

When using the CPT Tool, the connect dialog asks 'Host Address' and the 'Port'. The 'Host Address' will be the IP address / URL of the router e.g. ''. The CPT tool uses port 1876 (UDP) for messages, so the router will port forward the messages received to the port 1876 to the Sedona controller and this way providing remote access to wire sheet.

When updating the graphics pages, the CPT tool uses FTP file transfer to transfer the new web-pages to the controller SD card. The file transfer uses as default port 21 (ftp/tcp). Again when the router receives the messages to port 21, it will send these to the Sedona controller port 21 (web graphics updates).

So what you need to set up on the router:-

- Dynamic DNS so that you can access it via internet e.g. (or any other Dynamic DNS provider supported by the router)
- Port forwarding FTP/TCP port 21 to the IP Address of the Sedona (default – this is for graphics updates
- Port forwarding TCP port 80 to the IP Address of the Sedona (default – this is for the web graphics
- Port forwarding UDP port 1876 to the IP Address of the Sedona (default - this is for the CPT programming access
- Set the router IP address to be in the same range than Sedona e.g. I would set it up as

When router powers up, it gets its IP address from ISP, and then broadcasts it to You can take type to your browser '' and it takes you to the controller graphics page.

On the CPT tool in the controller address field you put also '' and it takes the tool to the controller.

Once this has been setup, if you let me know the url e.g. '' then I could access the system as well remotely.

You may also need to set up the router IP details in the Sedona/services/IP object using the CPT tool i.e. in this case you would need to set up Subnet, Gateway (I.e the router), DNS (i.e. the router).
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