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Electronic Room Thermostats | TAD-01B Electronic Room Thermostat with Display

Electronic Room Thermostat with Display

Datasheet (3778kB)

SyxthSense TAD-01B are battery powered room thermostats with display and possibility to choose among different regulation modes and relevant set-point temperatures: Comfort, Economy, Off/Antifrost. The thermostat is as default configured to operate in Comfort, Economy and Antifrost modes; Final user adjustment can be limited, with the aim of maximising wellbeing in the environment and energy savings. The thermostat can be used in both heating and cooling systems. It has a wide blue back-lit LCD display and is suitable for floor heating systems where it gives the possibility of installing an external temperature sensor on the floor, thus enabling its temperature control.

Power Supply: 2 x 1.5V AA Batteries
Battery Life: >4 years
Control Range: Comfort: 5..35°C
Output Relay: 5(1)A 250Vac SPDT (Change-over)
Sensor: Internal NTC 10KOhm @ 25°C (Optional external sensor)
Buttons: Multifunction Buttons fro Setpoints and Operation Modes
LCD Display: 3 digits LCD with Icons for Operation
Colour: White
Dimensions: W132 x H87 x D27 mm