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Electronic Room Thermostats | TAE-ZN4-2C Dual Electronic Room Thermostat (24Vac)

SyxthSense TAE ZN4 -C is an Electronic Room Thermostats with a dead zone. It has been designed to be used in conjunction with heat pumps or similar combined heating and cooling systems. The device outputs consist of two double throw relays which are separated for driving the heater and the cooler. These thermostats have a built-in knob for the setpoint adjustment. TAE ZN4 -C thermostats are designed to be high quality with pins to limit the setpoint range.

TAE ZN4 -C has an accurate internal NTC sensor for sensing the temperature. An external sensor is an option.  
Room Thermostat Wiring Diagram  
Power Supply:

24Vac +/-10%

Operating Range: 6...30°C
Dead Band: 1...11°C
Power Consumption: < 3VA
Differential: < 0.5 °C
Sensor: NTC (4K7 Ohm @ 25°C)
Output Relays: 2 x 5(1)A 250Vac SPDT
Indication: Red LED for heating
  Green LED for cooling
Protection Class: IP30
Dimensions: W85 x H85 x D31 mm