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3 Port Control Ball Valves | BKR-040-25 BKR-040-25 DN40 3-Port Ball Valve Kv 25

BKR characterised 3-port control ball valves have been designed for accurate control of hot or cold water. The valves have equal percentage control characteristics. The combined valve and actuator characteristics can be changed with the actuator configuration. Valves are used in conjunction with AKM and AKF motorised actuators.

  • Accurate 3-Port Characterised Control Ball Valves
  • Nominal pressure up to 40 bar
  • Characteristic can be set to linear or quadratic with UNI actuators
  • Spindle with large sliding surface and Teflon glide ring
  • High control ratio 500:1
  • Low torque thanks to collar with O-ring bearing
  • Valve body made of dezincification resistant cast brass
  • Used with AKM ball valve actuators or AKF spring-return ball valve actuators

Ball Valve Pressure Diagram