Video Resources

SyxthSense Video resources area offers range of introduction and training videos to our products.

Advanced Control Thermostats

SST Programmable Thermostat Introduction


Laptop Fixed IP Configuration

Kieback & Peter

Information on software, hardware and programming

Climotion at Garth Hill College

DDC420 Hardware Introduction

DDC420 Video 1 Setting Up a new DDC Controller

DDC420 Video 2 Uploading a program using a Web Browser

Introducing the FBU410 and Fieldbus

PS4000 Video 1 How to edit the data point import file

PS4000 Video 10 Restoring PS5 Project files and Management

PS4000 Video 11 Configuring the user interface and final documentation

PS4000 Video 12 - Uploading an existing controller into PS4000

PS4000 Video 2 How to create a new PS4000 project and using data point import

PS4000 Video 3 Importing and working with our Template library

PS4000 Video 4 How assign and move datapoints onto controller pins

PS4000 Video 5 Creating a program using templates

PS4000 Video 6 How to copy an existing project

PS4000 Video 7 How to copy an existing controller

PS4000 Video 8 Setting up a DDC420 Controller in PS4000

PS4000 Video 9 Saving Projects, Compling and Downloading files

Prodion AMR (Automated Meter Reading) Software

Prodion Tenant Billing Software Introduction

Prodion View Manager Introduction

Sedona Programmable Controllers

SDC-20G/32G FG20/FG32 CPT Back-Up Feature

SDC-TS35 Loading Custom Logo

Sedona Porgramming - Customer Inpressions

Sedona Programing 5 - HVAC Plant Example

Sedona Programming 1

Sedona Programming 2 - CPT Tool First Impressions

Sedona Programming 3 - Back ups and Kits

Sedona Programming 4 - Workbench Programming

Sedona Programming 6 - HTML5 Graphics

Sedona Programming 7 - Historical Logging on SQL DB

Sedona Programming 8 - Historical Logging Pre-requisites

Sedona SDC-TS35 Touchscreen Introduction

SYX Controllers

Help and Advice for SYX Controllers

DC1100/DC1400 Wiring Guide

Touchscreen Room Controllers

Touchscreen Room Controllers with Attractive User Interface

SRC600 Touchscreen Room Controller