M-Bus Metering Solutions for Automatic Meter Reading Systems (Smart Metering)

SyxthSense M-bus metering solutions provide advanced and accurate ways to collect and store energy information from buildings. SyxthSense meter solution range consists of intelligent electricity, water, gas, heat and cooling energy meters, of advanced M-bus network equipment and Prodion AMR (Automated Meter Reading) software. The Prodion software is complemented with tenant billing module that offers a cost effective, simple way to generate tenant bills. Furthermore Prodion can be customised to offer very intuitive and visual web-based reporting interface allowing users to access data from any web-browser locally or over internet connection.

The diagram below illustrates the typical options for the M-bus data collection. The SyxthSense system is highly flexible and offers solutions to most applications. The M-bus networking components comply to EN1434-4 and EN13757 standards offering a standard way of accessing the information. The M-bus network interfaces (GPRS/GSM, TCP/IP, RS232) and network extenders (MEX) can also be used with any other M-Bus master that complies with the standards.

M-Bus Meter Network Examples, SMART Metering

M-bus is the preferred standard for the data collection in intelligent smart meters. The M-bus allows the meter data to be read accurately without a loss of data. Traditional way of using meters with pulse outputs is both labour intensive and accuracy over the time cannot be guaranteed. M-bus networking devices allow flexible architecture to be used in both small and large installations.

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