About SyxthSense

Welcome to SyxthSense, the UK company for HVAC controllers, modules, valves, actuators, sensors and transducers, for metering, commercial and home automation solutions.

We bring you exclusive access to control and monitoring solutions that are based on the latest technological innovations. Most of our products have been designed and manufactured in the UK by SyxthSense. These ranges are complemented by products from our German, Italian and Finnish partners. Our design team works constantly to provide the most innovative, easy-to-use products any building and control strategies.

Our solutions are backed up with on-line ordering, on-line transaction management, on-line literature, customer support via telephone, whatsapp, fax or email, and most importantly competitive pricing! What’s more it is so easy to work with us because we have designed our business around you and your needs.

At SyxthSense we know how to make a difference to your business, we save you time and money.

We save you time by presenting you with only the products that fit your customers needs, allow you to order products 365 days a year, specify searches to identify the correct product, have your products delivered wherever you want them in the way you want them leaving you more time to concentrate on more important issues.

We’ll support you with a growing technical sales team who can demonstrate and train on all of our products should you wish.

SyxthSense is an established business with long-term outlook. When it comes to experience we have it located where it truly benefits your business, in our people, they are select and empowered to serve the customer in every aspect, a single point of contact, a solution every time.

At SyxthSense our vision is the future!

SyxthSense 15 Years

Executive Management Team

Dene Matthews


Dene Matthews

Dene Matthews has over 25 years expererience in building controls industry. He has excellent practical knowledge on the installations of building management systems and how they interact with the HVAC systems. During his career he has held multple senior product management posts in companies such as Satchwell, Invensys Building Systems and Andover Controls. In addition to his degree as a building controls engineer he holds MBA on business studies from Cranfield University.

Dene is passionate making sure that our customers have fully working building control systems that are properly installed and commissioned, and that the correct products have been selected to the customer projects. He has excellent knowledge of communication technologies such as Modbus and BACnet. Since starting with SyxthSense in 2003 he has been intrumental of growing the business to the success that it is today. With his vision we are expecting succesful growth for the coming years.

Jukka Hurtta

Technical Director

Jukka Hurtta

Jukka Hurtta has 25 years experience in control industry and building management systems. He has Master of Science from Helsinki University of Technology studying Control Engineering and HVAC Systems Design and Control. Since starting his career he has held up senior product design and management roles in Satchwell Control Systems, Siebe Environmental Controls, Invensys Building Systems and Invensys Climate Controls.

Since joining SyxthSense 2004 he has been driving force in our e-commerce infrastructure, and the design architect on our product developments. Jukka has extensive knowledge on building management systems and communication networks such as Modbus, BACnet, M-bus and Lonworks. He is excited in helping to bring the world-class control products from concept to manufacturing. With his help the SyxthSense continues to be the driving force improving the building controls industry and control standards.

Mike Knowles

Sales Director

Mike Knowles

Mike Knowles has over 30 years experience in Building Management Systems and control systems. He started his career as a BMS engineer and being involved in real installations of control systems from small site to large hospital buildings. He has gained unsurpassed knowledge on the technicalities of the the building control. In his career he has been involved and managed the rapid growth of the product sales in companies such as Satchwell Controls and Invensys Building systems.

After joining SyxthSense 2003 under Mike's leadership the SyxthSense sales team has grown the Syxthsense from a start-up to a very succesfull business serving customers on all continents. His technical understanding of the products and technologies supports SyxthSense Vision of growth and customer service.

Mike is a keen cyclist and you often find him cycling in the beautiful Peak District National Park.

R&D and Manufacturing

Electronics Inspection

SyxthSense Research & Development team has decades of experience in developing advanced, simple to use, accurate and cost effective products for building automation. Our in-house team in the United Kingdom handles the electronics, embedded software, computer software and mechanical designs of our products. Through our experience we are able to deliver high quality products that meet the modern system requirements efficiently. Our team has very strong experince in open connecivity and networking technologies such as Modbus, BACnet and M-bus, and most importantly understands the HVAC processes and requirements.

Our products are manufactured in the UK in our quality controlled production environment. The electronics boards go through automotive industry grade automated optical inspections after the surface mounting machines have completed the production build. Each PCB follows stricts build procedures with tracking down to individual components. The final assembled products are invidually tested by automated test rigs, and each product has unique serial number that can be tracked to the quality database. Our production has been designed also for OEM customers including capabilities for branding and automated laser etching with customer logos.

The philosophy in our production is simple: be fast, efficient and flexible to customer requirements!

Designed and Manufactured in the UK

Our Customers

One of the corner stones of the SyxthSense is always being customer focused. We are making it easy for our customers to get the high quality products at the shortest possible delivery. Our technical sales team and technical support team provides comprehensive suppport for customer technical enquiries, and assist them with the installation enquiries.

As a proof of our succesful concept SyxthSense has grown to have over 7,000 customers (distributors, controls specialists, installers, mechanical and electrical contractors) on all continents of the world.

Customer Map