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Level Switches and Controllers | HRH-1 HRH-1 Electronic Level Controller

HRH-1 Electronic Level Controller

Datasheet (186kB)

HRH Level Controllers monitor fluid level in wells, tanks, pools and reservoirs. HRH level controllers can be used to monitor up to two tanks with single point switching (empty or full tank), or to monitor one tank for two levels.It works by means of two sensors,which measure resistance of fluid. For measuring signal is used intermittent voltage 5V/50Hz. Using the alternating signal increased oxidation of sensors is prevented , polarization and electrolysis of fluid.

By DIP switch could be control two independent levels or use combined function for monitoring of one level. Relay is equipped by regulation of sensitivity to changing resistance of fluid. By setting sensitivity according to real condition it is possible eliminate misreadings (e.g.pollution of sensors, grounds, humidity etc.). For every sensor can be set up a delay in range 0.5-10s and by DIP switch the type of delay (at switch on and off relay, choice is made according to application requirement).

Flow Switch Wiring  
Flow Switch Wiring  

Power Supply: 230Vac or 24Vac/dc, <4.5VA
Inputs: 3 SHR Sensor Inputs; Maximum Level, Minimum Level, Common
Relay Outputs: 2 x 16(1)A 250Vac SPDT
Operating Temperatures: -20..+55°C
Mounting: DIN-rail
Protection: IP40
Dimensions: W52 x H90 x D65mm