Prodion Smart Meter Software - Automated Meter Readings (AMR) Made Simple

SyxthSense Prodion automated meter reading software completements our range of SMART meters (can be used with any M-Bus meters). Prodion provides clear and intuitive user interface to your metering system, and both historical and real-time data can be displayed on its display. Prodion uses advanced modular software structure making it both reliable and flexible. All data is stored in the MS SQL database and it is easily available for further analysis with Excel or other spreadsheet packages as well as through Prodion's built-in report viewers.. The collected meter data can also be used to generate tenant bills using the Tenant Billing module of the Prodion software.

Prodion Features Include:-

  • Automatic Reading of Meter Data via M-Bus
  • Connection to Local and Remote Meters
  • Supports local network area connections, via TCP/IP networks (intranet/internet), or via GPRS mobile networks
  • Meter data (actual and consumption figures) stored in the database
  • Real-time data display for meter information (e.g. kWh, kW, temperatures, flow rate, etc.)
  • Real-time data can be used in the system fault analysis (e.g. why the particular energy meter seems not read correctly)
  • Simple MS SQL database management, high performance client with fast data queries
  • Customised reports for historical data
  • Alarm module offer simple alarming on data quality faults or e.g. excessive water/energy usage
  • Extensive user access right control
  • Tenant billing provided using tenant billing module
  • Integration to Web-Server available (custom module)
Prodion Automated Meter Reading Software Overview


Prodion Live Data Display Prodion Live Data Display Prodion Navigation Tree and Live Data Display
  • Navigation tree shows the structure of the site
  • Selecting items live data retrieved from meters is displayed
  • Live data can include wide range of Smart metering data
  • Live data quality is clearly displayed
  • Active Alarm display shows active alarms
Prodion Historical Trend Data Display Prodion Historical Trend Data Display Prodion Historical Data Trend Viewer
  • Depending on the configuration historical data for actual or consumption figures can be displayed
  • Easy selection of the data range from the drop-down wizards
  • Multiple data sets can be compared against each other
  • Data can be configured to display actual data points
  • Number of tools for analysing the data further is available
Prodion Configuration using Wizards Prodion Configuration using Wizards Prodion Meter Configuration using Wizards
  • Additional meters can be added to the system easily using configuration wizards
  • Each meter type has templates that incude all available information
  • Typically Smart M-Bus meters can provide extended range of information such as consumption, flow rates, temperatures, instantenous consumption figures etc.
Prodion Configuration Data View Prodion Configuration Data View Meter Configuration Data Display or Edit
  • Existing meter configuration is easily adjustable through wizards
  • Typical settings include the data retrieval path, data formatting, alarm provider and trend log provider
  • Tree items can also be linked to documents and live web-browser displayes (e.g. displays from BMS systems)
Prodion System Setup Prodion System Setup Prodion System Configuration
  • System tab is used to configure the Prodion Server properties and the network connection
  • System tabl is also used to configure tenant billing default settings
  • Prodion uses highly modular structure allowing extensions easily to be installed
  • Prodion connections allow data stream connection to practically any type of media (serial, TCP/IP, GPRS)
Prodion Transaction Logging Prodion Transaction Logging Prodion Transaction Logging
  • Prodion automatically log system events to its database
  • System event information is available for analysis
  • Transaction log data can even include the detailed meter data telegrams

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