SyxthSense CDR/RHR/TER CO2, Temperature, Humidity, Occupancy and Light Measurement/Control Solutions Offer Distributed Intelligence and Interface Options for Modern Building Management - SRC BACnet Room Controllers and SRT BACnet Touchscreen Thermostats Further Expand the Control Range

The SyxthSense range of room devices include CDR CO2 Sensors, RHR Humidity Room Sensors, TER Temperature Room Sensors all available with BACnet, Modbus or M-Bus. The functionality includes:-

• BACnet, Modbus, M-Bus Communication Options
• Wide range of options; LCD, Backlit Push Button(s), Potentiometer Setpoint, Push Button Setpoint, Alarm LEDs, Alarm Backlight on the LCD, CO2 Measurement, Humidity Measurement, Temperature Measurement, Light Level Measurement (LUX), Occupancy Sensor
• Additional Inputs and Outputs with Communications versions, use the Sensor not only as a measurement device but also as wiring module (save on hardware and wiring costs).
• Backlit LCD with white, amber and red backlight, high contrast display.
• Use BACnet/Modbus devices as a wiring/control center in distributed applications
• Custom Printed Logo Possibility.
• Easy to Use DCT Configuration Tool for advanced functionality.
• Attractive High Quality ABS Wall Mounted Enclosure

Utilise the BACnet/Modbus Devices For Intelligent Distributed Architecture

The SyxthSense BACnet devices furnish themselves as excellent measurement and control solution for intelligent architecture. The built-in IOs allow the devices also to be used as a local wiring center for distributed. User interface options allows the products to be used as point of contact to the control system. Wide range of measurement options suit the products to most applications. Save on wiring by intelligently using the products as the distributed connection center.

BACnet Distributed Intelligence