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EasyIO and Sedona Displays and Tools | SDC-TS35 SDC-TS35 Programmable Sedona Touchscreen

SDC-TS35 is a programmable 3.5" colour touchscreen user interface for Sedona Framework™ or Niagara Framework™ controllers. The toucscreen can support up to 18 controllers and each controller can have up to 99 screens. The display is programmed using Sedona Workbench or NiagaraAX Workbench by loading the application library (kit) for the display. The display is connected to the controllers via Ethernet network.

The SDC-TS35 is typically mounted in the panel door and it provides a local user interface to plant rooms. As the display is freely configurable it can be tailored to specific requirements and only the relevant information is shown to the user.



  • Sedona Framework™ and Niagara Framework™ support allows the displays to be used as the user interface to Sedona and Niagara Platform based controllers e.g. SyxthSense SDC-30 Sedona Distributer Controller, Tridium JACE™ , Honeywell HAWK™ and Trend TONN
  • Programming via Sedona Workbench or NiagaraAX Workbench allows existing programming tools to be used effectively. This limits the required learning curve and allows existing Niagara Framework™ users such as Tridium JACE™, Honeywell HAWK™ and Trend TONN easily adapt to use the SDC-TS35 user interface.
  • SDC-TS35 Supports 10/100 Base-T Ethernet Connection for Controllers
  • Support for up to 18 Controllers
  • Support for up to 99 Pages per Controller
  • All relevant Controller Information can be shown on the Screen
  • Graphical Screens for Override Buttons and Setpoints
  • Panel Mounted
  • 24VAC/DC Power Supply

SDC-TS Sedona and Niagara Framework TouchscreenThe Sedona Framework™, Niagara Framework™, JACE™ are trademarks of Tridium, Inc. HAWK™ is trademark of Honeywell Corporation.


Power Supply: 24VAC/DC Max. 1A
Programming: Using Sedona Workbench or NiagaraAX Workbench (Sedona Framework™)
Communication Port: Ethernet 10/100 Base-T
LCD: 3.5" Resisitive Colour Touchscreen, 320 x 240 Pixels
Buzzer: Built-In
Mounting Panel Door Mounting
Protection: IP40
Dimensions: W140 x H123 x D45 mm; Cut-Out: 118 x 98mm