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BACnet room controllers | SRC-200-CO2-BAC Climate Controller with CO2 Measurement, BACnet

The SRC-200 series controllers have been designed for climate control of room spaces. The SRC-200 controllers can be used in wide range of applications including Fan Coil Unit Control, Chilled Ceiling and Zone Heating Control, VAV applications and in Natural Ventilation applications.

The controllers have 2 heating and 2 cooling stage control for temperature. All stages are fully configurable to 4 x 0..10Vdc outputs and 2 24Vac triac outputs.

The controllers have built-in accurate temperature measurement, and an external resistive NTC10 temperature sensor input as standard. With the -RI2 option it is possible to add a second NTC10 sensor input. When the -RI2 option is installed, the controllers are supplied with the push button setpoint.

Built-in CO2 sensor provides a unique solution for fan assisted and natural vetilation applications. Only one enclosure required! All in one solution.

Optional built-in relative humidity RH sensors allows room space humidity also be controlled accurately.

The controllers have 4 analogue 0..10Vdc outputs and two digital outputs that can be configured for any of the temperature heating stages, CO2 control, Maximum VAV Demand Control, Fan Speed Control, Maximum Fan Control or Humidity Controler. The controllers can operate as Proportional Only or as Proportional + Integral Controllers and all ouptuts can be reversed.

The digital outputs can be configured as 3-point, PWM (thermic) or On/Off control.

The controller setpoint can be adjusted -/+3°C (default) by rotating the potentiometer. The setpoint centre and setpoint limits can be adjusted via the configuration tool or via the communication network. Alternatively with the -SPB option the setpoint knob is replaced by two push buttons. With the push buttons it is possible to adhjust the current setpoint, and it also can be reset by the BMS e.g. every morning.

The further optional backlit push button allows the users easily to override the selected control output to fully open position. This can be used, for example, to override the windows open or boost the fan speed. The push button has built-in timer and blue backlight for status indication.

With -AI1 and -AI2 options it is possible to monitor 0-10V signals such as pressure and flow sensors. The AI1 0-10V input can also be linked to the auxiliary control loop to provide additional plant control.

Built-in display shows the system status with clear indication and can also be used for alarm display of CO2, temperature and/or humidity (white, amber, red).

SRC-200 Controller Backlight Display

The BACnet communication supports automatic device and point discovery making the controller configuration as a part of the BACnet system fast, simple and efficient. SRC-200 Controller - All in One


  • Wide Range of Applications; Fan Coil Unit Control, VAV Control, Chilled Ceilings, Zone Heating, Natural Ventilation
  • Up to 2 Heating and up to 2 Cooling stages
  • CO2 Measurement and Control Option
  • Relative Humidity Measurement Control Option
  • Backlight Push Button Override Option (overrides the selected output to 100%)
  • BACnet MS/TP Communication with Support for Device Discovery
  • Address and Baud Rate Setting via Bit switch or via the Configuration Software
  • 4 Analogue 0..10Vdc Outputs Configurable to Any of the Stages
  • 2 Digital 24Vac Triac Outputs; Configurable for On/Off, PWM (Thermic) and 3-Point Control
  • Built-In Temperature Sensor
  • External Auto-Detecting NTC10 Temperature Sensor (RI1)
  • Optional Additional External Temperature Sensor (RI2)
  • Optional 0-10V Voltage Measurement and Control instead of the Resistive Inputs
  • 2 Digital Inputs for Day Override (e.g. occupancy sensor), Night Override (e.g. window switch) or Cooling Disable (condensation switch)
  • Backlit LCD display for temperature, setpoint, CO2, humidity, valve position, fan speed, heating/cooling mode, night/day mode, alarm display
  • Rotary knob for the setpoint adjustment
  • Configuration via SW-DCT-USB Windows based configuration tool
  • 24Vac/dc Power Supply

Application Examples:-

  • Fan Coil Unit Control, VAV Control, Chilled Ceilings, Zone Heating, Natural Ventilation

4-Pipe FCU4-Pipe FCU Modulaing FanAir-Side Fan Coil Unit ControlChilled Ceiling ApplicationNatural Ventilation ApplicationFan Coil Unit with 2-Speed Fan

Select from Push-Button-Option:
PB - Backlit Push Button Option
Select from Occupancy-LUX-vs-AI1-0-10V-Input-Option-SRC200:
AI1- Analogue Input 0-10V Option for RI1 Connection
Select from Push-Button-Setpoint-Option-SRC200:
SPB - Active Push Button Setpoint Option  (replaces knob)
Select from Enclosure-Cover-Options:
TP - User Setpoint Hidden  (setpoint knob removed)
Select from ResistiveInput-RI2-vs-AI2-0-10V-Option-SRC200:
AI2- Analogue Input 0-10V Option for RI2 Connection
Select from Night-Day-Mode-Button-Option-SRC200:
NPB - Day Night Push Button Option for the SRC200 Controllers
Select from Enclosure-Colour-Option (None=White RAL9010):
Dark Grey Anthracite (RAL7015) Enclosure