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Apartment BACnet Modbus Touchscreen Controllers | SRC-500-MOD Modbus Touchscreen Apartment Controller, 2RI, 1DI, 3AO, 24Vac/dc

SRC-500 are attractive flush mounted Modbus RTU apartment controllers with a large colour intuitive 3.5” touchscreen for viewing the system status and modifying the settings. The SRC-500 Modbus controllers have been designed for apartment buildings with BMS connectivity. The controllers offer temperature and air volume control with integration to kitchen extractors. The simple to use HOME, AWAY and BOOST screen and buttons offer intuitive facility for all ages to control the apartment. When the kitchen extractor is activated the supply airflow to the apartment is enhnaced to balance the airflow and pressure in the apartment.

The SRC-500 controllers have built-in temperature sensor, 2 resistive NCT10 inputs, 1 Digital Input, 3 Analogue 0-10Vdc outputs and Modbus RS485 communication. The optional measurements include relative 2% accurate humidity, CO2 measurement/control and 0-10Vdc inputs for e.g.pressure/flow feedback monitoring. All inputs and outputs are configurable to the required application, please refer to data sheet for more details.

The SRC-500 controllers can operate in Comfort and ECO modes allowing energy savings to be accomplished. The intuive touchscreen shows the 'energy ring' indicates if there is heating or cooling demand, and the screen can also be dimmed easily in the night time for convenience.

The built-in lighting control interlock allows the device to control the lights circuits in the fuse box through the same intuitive user mode selection.

The SRC500 Modbus communication allows simple integration to building management and other systems applied in apartment blocks. The device have comprehensive list of BACnet network objects, and all configuration paramaters are also accessible over the network using Device Configuration object.


  • 24Vac/dc Power Supply
  • 3.5” Colour Responsive Resistive Touchscreen, 320 x 480 Pixels
  • HOME, AWAY and BOOST functionality
  • Extract and Supply Airflow Control
  • Integration to e.g. kitchen extractors for pressure balancing
  • Dedicated MODE SCREEN option; configurable as the HOME screen
  • Up to 4-stages of heating/cooling
  • Underfloor Heating Min/Max Temperature Control
  • Flush mounted to the UK, US or European Wall Mounting Box
  • Modern Designer Look with Black/Chrome, Black/Black, Black/White Colour Schemes
  • Attractive Simple to Use Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Setpoint Adjustment using Up & Down Arrows (temperature)
  • Energy Ring Advising the System Status at Glance (shades of red or blue indication demand)]
  • Possibility to show network temperature (e.g. outside temperature)
  • Centigrade to Fahrenheit Unit selection
  • COMFORT and ECO temperature control modes
  • Cleaning Mode
  • Lockable Screen with 4-Digit Lock Code
  • Number of Lock Screen Options depending on the Applications
  • Maintenance Mode Password Protected
  • Simple to use Maintenance Mode Configuration Menus
  • Modbus RS485 Communication Models
  • Humidity Sensor Option for Internal Humidity Display and Monitoring
  • CO2 Sensor Option for CO2 Control and Monitoring

Modbus and BACnet Networking Examples:-

The SRC-500 controllers can be linked to building automation and home automation systems. The industry standard BACnet and Modbus protocols guarantee interoperability to most home automation systems such as Crestron and Control4, as well as building automation and control systems such as Trend, Tridium, Honeywell, Alerton, Priva and SyxthSense Sedona solutions. Connecting SRC500 BACnet and Modbus controllers to these systems release the full potential of the attractive user interface with system functionality. The standard Modbus and BACnet implementation guarantee interoperability.

SRC600 Modbus and BACnet Controller Network Options

Select from SRT-Relative-Humidity-Option:
Relative Humidity Option for SyxthSense Touchscreen Range
Select from CO2-Sensor-Option:
CO2 Sensor Option, 0-5000ppm
Select from AI-Analogue-Input-Option:
2 x 0-10Vdc Ananlogue Inputs for Monitoring (Replace 2 x RI)
Select from Enclosure-Colour-Option:
White Colour Enclosure Option RAL9010