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Modular Cold Water Meters upto 40mm | MTK-M-6-0 MTK-M-6-0 DN25 6.0m3/h Modular Cold Water Meter

MTK-M and MTW-M modular multi-stream dry water meters are used to measure cold and hot water flows. The meters have ingenious plug-in design for communication options. Available options are impulse output, M-bus connection and radio communications. The meters can be mounted horizontally (vertical mounting option available on special order).

The M-bus provides reliable access to the meter data according to EN1434-3 standard. With M-bus option information such as primary and secondary addresses, 12 cut-off date values for the flow are available for analysis and billing purposes.

Volume Device
Flow Rate m3/h 6.0 10    
Nominal Diameter mm



Maximum Flow Rate m3/h 12 20    
Transitional Flow Rate l/h 600 1000    
Minimum Flow Rate l/h 40 80    
Starting Flow Rate l/h        
Meter Connection   G11/4" G2"    
Pipe Connection (accessory)   R1" R11/2"    
Length (without connector) mm 260 300    
Length (with connector) mm 378 438    
Height mm 44 46    
Width mm 104 137    
Weight (without connector) kg 2.8 5.4    
Weight (with connector) kg 3.4 6.6    
Part Numbers          
Cold Water Version (30°C)   MTK-M-6-0 MTK-M-10    
Hot Water Version (90°C)   MTW-M-6-0 MTW-M-10