SyxthSense Satchwell MicroNet™ and Satchnet™ Retrofit Solution using SDC-30 Controllers and Touchscreen

SyxthSense has recently introduced a SDC-30 Sedona Framework™ controllers that are ideal replacement solution for Satchwell MicroNet and Satchnet systems. The SDC-30 controllers can operate completely stand-alone, or as Modbus RTU RS-485 slaves. The programming of the SDC-30 controllers and SDC-TS touchscreen is carried out through a graphical Workbench programming tool using familar objects to SatchNet and MicroNet users.SDC-30 MicroNet and SatchNet Replacement Controller

The "bubbleland object" libraries used in the programming resemble the objects in the Satchnet and MicroNet products. SDC-TS colour touchscreen can communicate to multiple SDC-30 controllers like MN Touchscreen, and offers ant attractive local display option for the plant rooms.

The RS-485 communication driver used on the SDC-30 controller is similar to the one used in SatchNet and Micronet NCP systems. Therefore in norma circumstances the existing communication wiring can be used to communicate from the central software (e.g. MicroNet View with Modbus I/O server) to the SDC-30 controllers usinfg Modbus RTU protocol.

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The Sedona Controller Architecture with Micronet NCP and SatchNet Replacement Systems

SyxthSense SDC-30 Sedona Framework controllers form the heart of the next generation building control systems. The intelligent controller functionality makes them ideal as the replacement solution for MicroNet and SatchNet Systems. The architecture diagram below illustrates how the SDC-30 and SDC-TS controllers can be used as ideal replacement solutions for MicroNet and Satchnet.

SDC Controllers as MicroNet and SatchNet Replacements

Benefits of using the SyxthSense Sedona Framework Building Automation Solutions as a Replacement of MicroNet and SatchNet systems:-

  • SyxthSense has extensive knowledge on Satchwell systems and we can advise the suitable solution to your applications
  • SDC-30 controllers are similar in terms of IOs of the MicroNet and SatchNet controllers, therefore existing field devices can be used with the system including the Satchwell sensors
  • RS485 communication used in the SDC-30 controllers allows existing RS-485 Belden twisted pair communication cable to be used in the applications
  • SDC-TS provides effective replacement of the MicroNet and SatchNet Touchscreen and LCD displays.
  • The SDC-30 and SDC-TS are fully Programmable making them flexible solution as the SatchNet and MicroNet replacements
  • SDC-30 controllers provide modern communication optiions including Modbus and BACnet. Bring your old system back to the 21st Centrury!
  • Sedona Framework controllers programming using Workbench programming tool offers straighforward programming using similar "bubbles" as in the "bubbleland". This allows fast and effective engineering of the systems.

Workbench Sedona Framework Programming Tool

MicroNet™ and Sathnet™ are brand names of TAC (Schneider Electric). Sedona™ Niagara Framework™, JACE™ are trademarks of Tridium, Inc. HAWK™ is trademark of Honeywell Corporation. BACnet is the registered trademark of ASHRAE.