SDC Sedona Framework™ Controller and Touchscreens Introduction Videos

Click below to see the series of the Sedona Introduction Videos. For more videos look at video resources.

SDC-20G/32G FG20/FG32 CPT Back-Up Feature

SDC-TS35 Loading Custom Logo

Sedona Porgramming - Customer Inpressions

Sedona Programing 5 - HVAC Plant Example

Sedona Programming 1

Sedona Programming 2 - CPT Tool First Impressions

Sedona Programming 3 - Back ups and Kits

Sedona Programming 4 - Workbench Programming

Sedona Programming 6 - HTML5 Graphics

Sedona Programming 7 - Historical Logging on SQL DB

Sedona Programming 8 - Historical Logging Pre-requisites

Sedona SDC-TS35 Touchscreen Introduction

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