SDC Sedona Framework™ Controllers and Touchscreens for Small to Large Sized Buildings

SyxthSense SDC Sedona Framework™ controllers set a new standard in Building Automation. The SDC controllers provide compact, yet powerful solution for building automation applications. The SDC controllers are the modern face to the building control, and have built-in open BACnet and Modbus communications. SDC-xG graphics series have built-in HTML5 graphics support and SQL database management inside. The controllers provide powerful and energy efficient interface to the buildings.

Workbench Sedona Framework Programming Tool Programming SDC Sedona Framework Controllers The controllers are programmed using industry common Workbench tools (Sedona Workbench™, Niagara AX Workbench™, Honeywell Coach AX™, Trend TONN AX™) or using open source Online Tools inc. CPT Tool. The Workbench/CPT allows graphical block programming of the controller applications. As the SDC controllers can be programmed by any of these tools, and many system engineers have already familiarity of the programming methods minimising the learning time and costs. Furthermore SyxthSense HVAC object libraries make the controller programming to HVAC applications as a breeze! Our libraries include objects such as Pump Changeover, Boiler Rotation and Seqeuencing, Heating Curve and multi PID loops just give as an example. Using these objects the typical HVAC applications can be programmed in a very short space of time, and the resulting application is straight out of the box functional, reliable and energy saving.

So what is BACnet? (BACnet = Building Automation Control NETwork) The SDC Sedona Framework™ controllers have built-in BACnet server. This allows BACnet clients to connect to the SDC controller in a standard fashion. In case of retrofit, if the existing system is BACnet compliant, the SDC controllers can expand the existing site configuration easily and cost effectively. In case of the new installation, the system is future proof. The SDC-xG graphics series controllers have also BACnet Client capability making them as a combined controller, system integrator and front-end solution.

How about Modbus? The Modbus is an industry standard robust communication network used for over 20 years. The Modbus offers low cost communicating connectivity to a large range of field devices. This allows a single SDC controller to be used as a Modbus master making the integration of remote communicating sensors, wireless devices, Modbus energy meters, Modbus weather stations and so on simple and cost effective. Yet, this does not consume any of the onboard inputs and outputs allowing effective system solution with no extra cost. Using Modbus field device a single communication cable can be used to retrieve information such as temperature, humidity, light level, system pressures, outside weather conditions, energy readings, power readings etc. To learn more about the Modbus product range, please click here.

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Typical Network Architecture of Small to Medium Sized Building Systems

Sedona BACnet Network Example Sedona BMS Network Examples

SyxthSense SDC Sedona Framework controllers form the heart of the next generation building control systems. The SDC controllers control the HVAC or an other plants. The SDC controllers are connected via a Modbus to room controllers and remote sensors, including wireless pulse counters.

The SDC-20G and SDC-32G controllers provide all networking capabilities of the SDC-30 controllers and more taking the system to the next level. The SDC-xG controllers have dual ARM processor for speed and releliability. The open source technologies guarantee future compatability and system expansion capabilities.The built-in SQL database server allows IT systems (e.g. Excel) to extract historical data using simple HTTPrequest methods. The HTML5 graphics makes the controllers compatible with practically any browser, PCs, mobile phones and tablets. And most of all the programming is very simple using the drag & drop methods.

The SDC-TS35 touchscreen acts as a local panel user interface for the plant allowing the users easily review the system operation and adjust the settings such as setpoints and time schedules.

Benefits of the SyxthSense Sedona Framework Building Automation Solutions:-

  • Fully Programmable and Flexible Solution for all kinds of buildings
  • HTML5 graphics support allows practically any browser to be used as the user interface
  • SQL database support on the controller level flattens the architecture making the large system capabilities affordable even with the smallest and simplest of the systems
  • Fully BACnet compliant for standard open systems
  • Sedona HTML5 Graphics Series Example HTML5 Graphics Example
  • SDC-TS35 intuitive and easy-to-use touchscreen for local plant interrogation
  • Modbus Communication built-in; straightforward integration of room controls, remote measurements and energy readings
  • Effective graphical programming using Sedona Workbench software (or Niagara AX, TONN AX, Coach AX), or using Online Tools Inc open-source programming tool
  • Most comprehensive HVAC object library for standard applications
  • Wireless interface to remote meter readings, room temperatures, or switching remote plants on/off
  • Email alarming built-in for exception conditions
  • Data storage on the MicroSD cards (up to 16GB on the SDC-20G and SDC-32G)

The SDC-20G and SDC-32G controllers offer also Cloud connection to Yahoo weather services. You can utilise the Yahoo current and future weather information in your control applications.

The Sedona Framework™, Niagara Framework™, JACE™ are trademarks of Tridium, Inc. HAWK™ is trademark of Honeywell Corporation. BACnet is the registered trademark of ASHRAE.


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