SDC Sedona Cloud Ready Controllers Integration to the Yahoo Weather Services

Sedona Cloud Ready HTML5 ControllersSyxthSense SDC-xG Sedona Framework™ Graphics Series controllers set a new standard in Building Automation utilising the most modern "Internet of Things". The SDC-20G and SDC-32G controllers have now cloud connection to Yahoo weather services.

This allows the controllers to receive the real-time weather information over the Internet on the specified location. This information includes the current temperature, humidity and visibility. The weather widget will also calculated the current sunrise and sunset times allowing this to be used, for example, in the lighting and irrigation control. Furthermore the weather widget includes information from the tomorrow's weather conditions i.e. high and low temperatures.

The Sedona SDC-20G and SDC-32G controllers weather widget is one of the examples of using the open Sedona controllers from SyxthSense. The open technologies such as Sedona architecture, Modbus, BACnet, TCP/IP Cloud connectivity, HTML5, HttpRequest, SQLite database management etc. guarantee future interoperability and usage of the most up to date standards. This provides excellent platform for effective building and other systems controlfor today and tomorrow!

Typical Network Architecture of Sedona Cloud Connection and Utilizing the Yahoo Weather Services

The Sedona SDC-20G and 32G controller weather widget allows on-line connection to Yahoo weather services. All what is required is an active connection to the Internet via either local hard-wired internet connnection or utilising mobile phone internet connnection. The controller programming tools come with the kit libraries to allow free use of the Yahoo weather services in your control applications.

Sedona Yahoo Weather ServicesNetwork Architecture Example of Sedona Controllers



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