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Modbus Room Temperature Sensors | TEHR-MB TEHR-MB Modbus Room Sensor and AO

TEHR-MB room transmitters measure temperature in wide range of applications ann can be used as Zone Output device. The TEHR-MB transmitters come with integrated Modbus RTU RS-485 communication interface allowing savings in the BMS system IO-requirements and providing accurate measurements.

The TEHR-MB transmitters have 2 x 0..10Vdc outputs; one for the local 0..10Vdc temperature signal and one for 0..10Vdc zone control. The zone control output level can be set over Modbus or the TEHR-MB built-in controller logic can modulate the output based on setpoints and room temperature.

The transmitters are available with (-N models) or without display.

Required Tools

HDH-C configuration tool is required to alter the default Modbus address and baud rate.



  • Modbus RTU Communication for Accurate Measurement and Readings
  • Saves IOs on the Building Management System (BMS)
  • Separate 0..10Vdc Output available for as Modbus Output (e.g. for zone control or swithing local demand on)
  • -N Models have Display for Temperature
  • 2 x 0..10Vdc Outputs for Temperature and Zone Signal/Control
  • Control settings available over Modbus
Power Supply: 24 Vac (15..28V), <0.5A
24 Vdc (15..36V), < 0.5W
Temperature Range: 0..+50°C
Accuracy: +/-0.5°C
Outputs: Temperature: 1 x 0..10Vdc < 2mA
Analogue Output: 1 x 0..10Vdc < 2mA (Modbus or Control)
Communication Interface:

Modbus RTU RS-485

Protection Class: IP20
Dimensions: W87 x H86 x D32 mm