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Modbus Room Temperature Sensors | TER-MOD Modbus Room Temperature Sensor

Modbus Room Temperature Sensor

Datasheet (777kB)

TER-MOD Modbus temperature sensors are designed to detect temperature in the room spaces. The Modbus sensors have linear 0-10V signals outputs relating to the temperature, and for the optional light level, and Modbus RTU RS485 communication. TER-MOD Modbus sensors have also a digital input, a resistive input and two digital outputs.

TER-MOD Modbus temperature sensors can be installed on wall surface or on a wall mounting box in dry indoor environment. The TER-MOD Modbus temperature sensors come with a number of options such as display, active setpoint, occupancy detection, lux level measurement, push button and additional digital/resistive input.

The TER-MOD Modbus temperature sensors can also operate as temperature controllers modulating analogue output of the sensor. The setpoint is supplied either via the network or from the setpoint potentiometer (if -SP option fitted).


  • Modbus RTU RS485 Communication
  • Attractive Wall Mounted Room Enclosure (for UK/European/US mounting)
  • Range of Options to Suit Most Applications
  • Built-In Controller Functionality for Temperature and Light Control
  • Can act as a Modbus Network IO-Module as well as Modbus Temperature Sensor


Select from LUX-vs-Rotary-Knob-Setpoint-Options:
SP - Active Setpoint Potentiometer Option
Select from Push-Button-Options:
PB - Backlit Push Button Option
Select from Digital-Input-Option:
DI2 - 2 Digital Input (Total) Option
Select from LCD-Display-Option:
LCD - LCD Display Option
Select from Resistive-and-Analogue-Input-Options:
AI - 2 x  Analogue Input 0-10V Option for RI1 and RI2
Select from Push-Button-Setpoint-Option:
SPB -Active Push Button Setpoint Option  (requires LCD)
Select from Enclosure-Colour-Option (None=White RAL9010):
Dark Grey Anthracite (RAL7015) Enclosure