Combined CO2+VOC+TEMP+HUM Sensors
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Combined CO2+VOC+TEMP+HUM Sensors

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#1 | Posted: 27 Aug 2020 21:28 | Edited by: Dene Matthews  
SyxthSense has now introduced a wide range of Duct, Room, and IP65 format CO2/VOC/Temp/Hum Sensors.

Combination sensors monitoring CO2 and VOC's are fast becoming the new norm within built environments.

We have introduced versions on MODbus and BACnet MSTP with many variations also available on request. The Humidty version also provide optional values for enthalpy, absolute humidity, dew point as required.

Especially designed for use in schools, office buildings, hotels, cinemas and similar applications a range of colour finishes for room units is available.

The CO2 function uses dual channel technology this integrates automatic self-calibration for different fields of operation so they strategically differ to the very common ABC function which is dependent on seeing 400ppm fresh air during its calibration window. Dual channel devices do not require this and thus are suitable for applications where occupation is 24 hours, 7 days a week -thus areas that cannot adopt ABC calibration options or where only manual calibration is required.

What is VOC?
Unlike CO2 sensors, which specifically measure CO2, mixed gas sensors detect a wide range of gases. The sensor signal does not indicate the type of gas or it's concentration in ppm. Mixed gas sensors detect gases and vapours consisting of carbohydrates, or more generally gases that can be oxidised (burnt): Odours, perfume (alcohol hand gels), cleaning fluid scent, tobacco smoke, new materials (e.g. new furniture, new carpets, paint, glues, plastics ...), monitoring cleansing fumigations. Unlike CO2, which humans cannot sense, the amount of odours (VOC) indicates the level of air quality. VOC sensors have proven their value in a multitude of applications for many years and COVID working norms are being supported with VOC monitoring. The Measuring principle: Organic molecules are burnt (oxidized) when in contact with the sensor's heated -dioxide surface, adding a small amount of heat combustion. The increased temperature is measured providing a signal proportional to the number of molecules being burnt. The VOC sensor automatically compensates for its own decrease in sensitivity by dynamic auto-calibration rendering it also maintenance free.

CO2 cannot be detected as it cannot be further oxidized so only by combining the sensor technology into one unit can we meet the full needs and avoid multiple sensors on the same wall.

For Schools/Offices/Publc Buildings we offer the NOVOS3 and NOVOS5 ranges
For Ducts we offer the LA+ Range

Where the location is in underground or exposed areas we recomend the IP65 LA+ Versions

For high-end applications we offer the Thanos touchscreen versions. Find more information on them all here:

VOC and CO2
CO2 and VOC
LA+ IP65 Sensor
LA+ IP65 Sensor
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