Programmable Thermostat, Digital Thermostat, Programmable Room Thermostat - The Comprehensive Range of Heating Thermostats

SyxthSense provides room thermostats to any energy control application. These programmable thermostats and digital thermostats suitable for huge variety of applications e.g. central heating controls; room temperature control, advanced energy savings, wireless applications, underfloor heating zone control, specialist control requirements etc. SyxthSense also provides extensive wireless thermostat range.


New Generation Touchscreen Room Thermostats with Modbus and BACnet

SRT Modbus and BACnet Thermostats

SRT Touchscreen Room Thermostats bring a new modernage to your heating or cooling control. The SRT thermostats have 3.5” touchscreen that allows easy way of adjusting the settings and to configure the thermostat. The SRT thermostats have slim flush mounting and are ideal for home, offices, health centers, apartments etc. The thermostats have a modern interface with non-cluttered acccess to all relevant information following hundreds of hours interface design by specialist designers. The thermostats have many energy saving features such as ECO mode, sleep mode, cleaning mode, holiday mode. The thermostats can be also networked via Modbus or BACnet, allowing them to be intelligent part of a home or building automation system. Designed and Manufactured in the UK. More info...

Wireless Room Thermostats, Wireless Radiator and Boiler Control - TX Range

Wireless Radiator Valve Control

SyxthSense TX range of wireless thermostats and radiator valves have been designed for effective wireless control of multiple zones. The system consists of wireless room thermostats and programmable thermostats. The room thermostats send demand signals to the wireless radiator valves (the wireless actuator replaces the existing TRV head) and to underfloor heating manifold wiring centers or to zone valves.. When in any of the zones is in the demand by adding the wireless boiler control module, the boiler can be called only when required providing siginificant energy savings. Designed and Manufactured in Italy. More info...

Wireless Underfloor Heating and Room Control - DTP/DLP Range

Wireless Underfloor Heating Solutions

DTP/DLP range has been specifically designed for single zone or multi-zone underfloor heating applications. The range includes wireless room thermostats, wireless programmable thermostats and either single zone receiver, or multiple zone relay modules with an external antenna. The range can be easily addresses using the built-in addressing mode.

The DLP Classic Range has also wireless tamper-proof thermostat that is unique for commercial applications such as schools. Designed and Manufactured in Italy. More info...

Electronic Room Thermostats

Digital Room Thermostats

SyxthSense's electronic room thermostat range covers most applications. The electronic designs makes the operation accurate and many features such as remote sensor option or remote telephone interface link has made this range to a high success.

The thermostats are available with 230Vac, 24Vac and battery powered version. A number of programmable room thermostats with 7-day time clock is also available. Designed and Manufactured in Italy. More info...

Electro-Mechanical Room Thermostats

TAM Electro-Mechanical Room Thermostats

TAM range of electro-mechanical room thermostats have been designed to provide cost-effective method of controlling room temperature. The thermostats operate based on the thermal expansion of metal and therefore do not require a separate power supply. Designed and Manufactured in Italy. More info...

In addition to these ranges SyxthSense has wide variety of specialist thermostats, please explore Thermostat section for further details.