WebBiter Web-Browser Connection for HRP/LRP/HLS34/PDS2/FLTA Controllers using Modbus

SyxthSense is pleased to introduce to you a new WebBiter (previously knows as NetBiter) web-browser interface to HRP,LRP, PDS2 and HLS34 controllers and FLTA Wireless Sensor Range. WebBiter provides access to interrogate building systems from a standard web-browser. WebBiter can be used instead of BMS front-end in providing simple, efficient and low cost interface for buildings.

Alarming and data logging can be configured on the embedded web-server easily and reliably. Multiple users can access information through a single connection point at no extra cost. The system is extremely easy to use and maintain. Alarms can be managed using a standard email client such as Outlook.

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WebBiter Frequently Asked Questions

Web-Browser Connection to HRP/LRP/HLS34 Controllers

WebBiter Modbus Network Connection Options

WebBiter (previously knows as NetBiter) embedded web-server can be connected to a single HRP/LRP controller or to a large network with multiple controllers controlling all main plants of the buildings and HLS34 room controllers. WebBiter can also collect metering data or can be used for system monitoring using communicating I/O-modules.

With WebBiter multiple users can access plant information through their own PC via local computer network or via internet.

WebBiter (Netbiter) has a very comprehensive data logging and alarm management features.


  • Access via a standard web-browser
  • Live access to plant information
  • Password protected system access
  • Secure data communication
  • Modify setpoints, time schedules and other required parameters
  • Built-in alarm email and mobile phone text messaging capability
  • Alarm history view
  • Data logging for up to 64 points per a single WebBiter
  • Automatic data log file email feature when logs full
  • No need for Windows tools
  • Very simple configuration
  • Firewall friendly technology
  • Integrated support for HRP and LRP controllers
  • Support for Modbus RTU devices
  • BMS front-end software connectivity via an OPC or a DDE-server
  • Full integration with Prodion Back-Engine Software solution for centralised data and device management