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Wireless Receivers and Modbus Interfaces | FLTA Wireless Base Station

Wireless Base Station

Datasheet (976kB)
Wireless Repeater
106.00 + VAT

FLTA wireless receiver and control module has been designed to work with SyxthSenseTEFL/TEU-FL/KLU-FL wireless sensor range and with RY-FL wireless input/output modules. The FLTA has 8 analogue outputs with analogue 0..10Vdc signal. The analogue signals can be used to transmit wirelessly humidity, setpoint, pressure, flow rate, CO2 and digital signals to the controllers, building management systems and other devices.

The wireless range uses 868.30 MHz FSK Modulation and has been designed for reliable operation in wide range of environments. Wireless temperature sensors transmit measurement readings on change, or at least every hour.

FLTA module acts also as a Modbus Communication interface for the sensor readings. Using FLTA Modbus communication up to 99 sensors can be read over Modbus master such as WebBiter web-browser interface, and up to 8 sensors can be connected via analogue outputs from the same unit. The FLTA control module monitors the room units and temperature sensors/transmitters for any malfunctions and for the low battery level. FLTA also acts as the Modbus interface to control the RY-FL wireless input / output modules.

Up to 63 FLTA control modules (networks) can operate in the same wireless area. Total maximum of 6,237 sensors/transmitters can be connected to the system in a single system.

FLTA Network Example  

Download FLTA Version 2.1 Data Sheet (Archive)

Power Supply: 24Vac/dc
RF Transmission: 868.30 MHz FSK Modulation
Transmission Range: Line of sight: Up to 500m
In buildings up to 20..100m depending on wall strcutures
Range can be extended up to 2 times with FLREP/FLREP-U repeaters
FLTA Module Outputs: 8 x 0..10Vdc Outputs
Error Signal Output (if Modbus is disabled)

Outputs can be used for temperature readings from TEFL, KLU-FL and TEU-FL sensors, and for setpoints, humidity signals and any other suitable analogue measurement (see signal output options for TEFL, TEU-FL and KLU-FL transmitters).

FLTA Communication:
Modbus RTU (RS485)
Addressing and Configuration: Via Built-In LCD and Buttons
Measurement Options:

For TEFL Sensors
Temperature 0...50°C = 0…10V
Humidity 0...100% = 0...10V
Setpoint 17.5...24.5°C = 0...10V
5-Position Switch 1...5V (e.g.. position 3 = 3V)
Digital Input: 0V (Open), 5V (Closed)

For TEU-FL Sensors
Temperature -50...+150°C = 0…10V
Analogue Input: 0..10Vdc = 0..10Vdc (wireless signal transmission e.g. for HDH CO2 transmitters)

For KLU-FL Sensors
Temperature -50...+150°C = 0…10V
Humidity 0...100% = 0...10V

Operating Temperature: 0°C...+50°C
Dimensions: 53W x 90H x 58D mm