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Wireless CO2 Carbon Dioxide Sensors | HDH-FL Wireless Room CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and Temp Sensor

Wireless Room CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and Temp Sensor

Datasheet (421kB)
Wireless Base Station
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SyxthSense Wireless HDH-FL room transmitters measure CO2 content and temperature in wide range of applications. The transmitters use the unique ABCLogic™ measurement technology that automatically resets the zero point (calibrates the CO2 detector). The wireless technology uses modern FSK modulation for reliable and long distance transmission. The HDH-FL transmitters have transmission range of up to 40..100m inside buildings and up to 500m line of sight. The transmission range can be extended with upto 8 repeaters to cater most applications.

The transmitters have temperature measurement and CO2 outputs locally available in addition to the wireless transmission of the temperature and the CO2 levels. Industry standard 0..10Vdc outputs locally as well as on the FLTA receiver guarantee integration to most applications. The transmitters are available with display (-N models). These CO2 transmitters can also accommodate built-in controller option making them most advanced solution for accurate ventilation control.

ABCLogic is a result of over 15 years R&D for the CO2 measurement. ABCLogic measures the background CO2 level and uses the advanced statistical analysis to correct the readings automatically, removing the need for expensive calibration.

The SyxthSense wireless transmitters can be used to wirelessly transmit any typical building information such as temperature, humidity, volt-free contacts, light level, CO2, setpoint etc. The intuitive FLTA receiver can be connected to BMS/Controllers via 0..10Vdc signals representing the measurements or via its Modbus communication protocol. Up to 99 sensors can be connected to one FLTA network. The FLTA is configured via its built-in display and buttons.

Pressure Curves  
Power Supply: 24 Vac/dc +15/-30%, <1VA
Measurement Range: CO2: 0..2000ppm
Temperature: 0..+50°C
Accuracy: CO2: +/-40pp +3% of measurement
Temperature: +/-0.5°C
Outputs: Locally: 2 x 0..10Vdc < 2mA
Readings over Wireless Network to FLTA
Protection Class: IP20
Dimensions: W87 x H86 x D32 mm
RF Transmission: 868.30 MHz FSK Modulation
Transmission Range: Line of sight: Up to 500m
In buildings up to 20..100m depending on wall strcutures
Range can be extended up to 8 times with FLREP and FLREP-U
Wireless Network Addressing: Via FLSER Service Tool