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Wireless Occupancy Sensors | LA-FL Wireless Occupancy Sensor

Wireless Occupancy Sensor

Datasheet (250kB)
Wireless Base Station
190.00 + VAT
Wireless Repeater
106.00 + VAT

SyxthSense wireless sensor range that caters for any typical building application using the latest RF technology. The products have been designed to operate in wide range of environments and proven to operate reliably in all situations. The TEFL, LA-FL and TEU-FL wireless sensors have transmission range of up to 40..100m inside buildings and up to 500m line of sight. The transmission range can be extended with upto 8 repeaters to cater most applications. The sensors can be used to wirelessly transmit any typical building information such as temperature, humidity, volt-free contacts, light level, CO2, setpoint etc. The intuitive FLTA receiver can be connected to BMS/Controllers via 0..10Vdc signals or via its Modbus communication protocol. Up to 99 sensors can be connected to one FLTA network.

LA-FL wireless occupancy sensors have been designed for commercial applications using the latest RF technology. The occupancy status is transmitted on change or once in hour. The measurement range for the occupancy detection is up to 14m with angle of up to 140°C. The system has adjustable delay of 0..30 minutes.

LA-FL-LX combines the occupancy detection with the light level measurement (0..2000 Lux) providing ideal solution for lighting and environmental control applications.

Wireless Occupancy Sensor  

Power Supply: 3.6V AA Lithium Battery
Battery Life: Typically up to 3years
RF Transmission: 868.30 MHz FSK Modulation
Transmission Range: Line of sight: Up to 500m
In buildings up to 20..100m depending on wall strcutures
Range can be extended up to 8 times with FLREP repeaters
Measurement Range: Up to 12m
Measurement Angle: Up to 140°
Adjustable Delay: 0..30 minutes