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Wireless Outside and Generic Sensors | PA-FL Wireless Pulse Counter for Metering

Wireless Pulse Counter for Metering

Datasheet (233kB)
Wireless Base Station
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The PA-FL wireless pulse counter has been designed for counting meter pulses. One PA-FL can read pulses from one utility meter. The PA-FL pulse counter has both 24V and battery power supply options. Battery power supply is ideal in situations where the PA-FL is mounted in a remote location e.g. read the water meter readings.

The PA-FL wireless pulse counters work as a part of the SyxthSense wireless solution. With the PA-FL it is now possible to combined the building monitoring/automation and the meter readings to a single system. The PA-FL provides reliable pulse transmission as it sends the actual pulse count wireleslly over the network. Should the transmission not succeed the value is re-transmitted to the FLTA receiver.


  • Perfect for remote meter monitoring
  • 24Vac power supply and/or battery power supply
  • For heat, water, electricity and gas meters
  • Values read over Modbus via FLTA base station
  • Adjustable counting pre-scaler
  • Data back-up with the batteries
  • Remote low battery indication / alarm

Application Example:-

The PAFL wireless pulse counters are linked to the pulse meters. The PAFL counts the pulses and transmits the pulse count to the FLTA base station. The pulse count is then read via Modbus to the Modbus master e.g. SDC-30 controller.

PAFL Wireless Pulse Counter Operation


Technical Specification:-

Power Supply: 24VAC, and 2 x 3.6V AA 2Ah Batteries
Pulse Inputs: 1 Pulse Input; max 20Hz, min duration 25ms
Max Amount of Pulses: 500,000 pulses
Wireless: 868.30MHz FSK Modulation
Operation: Without 24VAC with Battery
  With 24VAC with Battery Backup
Battery Life: Trasmission Interval 6s : 1 year
  Trasmission Interval 1..5min : 3 years
  Trasmission Interval 15..30min : 6 years
Digital Outputs

2 Triacs, Max 1A 60V (Open Collector Output)

Mounting Wall Mounting
Protection: IP54 for Outdoor Operation
Dimensions: W115 x H115 x D45 mm (enclosure)