PROXIMA wireless MESH technology - Reliability and Scalability!

Wireless functionality is one of the fastest-growing trends in the world – and this is also the case in building automation. SyxthSense has been offering wireless solutions to this market ever since 2006.
Our next-generation, fully battery-operated Wireless Produal Proxima® MESH 2.4 GHz solution offer unparalleled reliability for wireless building automation. It is based on the intelligent and self-healing MESH network, using the best available communication frequencies dynamically in the building. The patented technology minimizes the likelihood of being interfered by or interfering with other wireless systems. Proxima wireless MESH allows you to share the network connection across a wider area than ever before, and dedicated wireless applications can be built and commissioned easily.


• No need for extra repeaters - in uniques MESH technology every sensor acts as a repeater!
• Energy efficient technology
• No need for external power supplies for routing nodes
• Ultra-low power consumptions • Scalable setup from small to large-sized installations
• Battery lifetime up to 8 years
• Adjustable battery alarm set point
• Battery-operated transmitters with displays also available


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Proxima Wireless MESH Networking with Modbus Interface

Proxima Solutions Example